Fall 2008 Student Teachers

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On December 8, 2008, thirty-three (33) multi-talented teacher education candidates from the Early child, Elementary, English, Social Studies, Music, Mathematics and Special Education Programs were inducted in to the teaching profession. The Department of Education, chaired by Dr. M. Evelyn Fields at SC State is one of the few teacher preparation programs in S.C., where one-hundred percent of its teacher education candidates graduate certifiable (having met all requirements to be licensed as a certified teacher upon graduation). According to Dr. Janice Belton- Owens, Professor of Teacher Education at SC State, this makes SC State teacher education graduates marketable, and one of the most highly sought after group of teachers by school districts from more than forty (40) states in the U.S. as well as school systems abroad and the Caribbean Islands. In addition to being diverse in the various teaching disciplines, nine (9) of these teacher education candidates are African American males, which will make a significant impact on the critical shortage of male teachers in S.C. This group of teacher education candidates were student teaching in diverse preK-12 school districts in S.C. and completed a sixty-two day internship making these candidates eligible for a teaching license to teach in the state of South Carolina which has reciprocity with more than forty (40) other states.