SC State hosts cancer education training seminar

Monday, December 22, 2008

Orangeburg, S.C.
- SC State Brook Health’s Center recently partnered with the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) to conduct a cancer education training seminar.

‘The Cancer Education Guide’ (CEG) was a seminar developed to inform South Carolinians about the prevention and early detection of cancer. The seminar showcased actual displays of certain cancers, such as breast, cervical, oral, testicular, prostate, colorectal and skin cancer. It also provided the trainee’s brief descriptions of how these types of cancer are developed.

The strategy of the seminar was to inform South Carolinians about steps they can take to reduce their risks for cancer. Community volunteers were trained as facilitators and will offer CEG seminars to community organizations, worksites, schools, churches, civic groups and other organizations in S.C.

CEG covered the following topics:

  • Cancer causes and risks
  • Cancer myths
  • The top 10 types of new cases of cancer and cancer death in South Carolina
  • Cancer disparities in South Carolina
  • Prevention and the early detection of cancer
  • American Cancer Society Cancer Screenings Guidelines
  • Family Medical History
  • Cancer Resources for families
The seminar participant that participated in the CEG, were extremely interested in informing their community about the prevention of cancer; as well as the screening guidelines for early detection set forth by the American Cancer Society.

The participants who attended the CEG seminar, will be able to increase their knowledge and skills to share information with their community about prevention and early detection of cancer, in addition to local community resources related to risk factors of cancer, they will also be able to conduct screenings for early detection, and precaution that will be able to improve overall health.

“I believe that the cancer education seminar was very beneficial to all of the participants,” said Jim Etheridge, cancer education guide coordinator for MUSC.

For more information about Cancer Education Training, contact Pinkey Carter, nurse administrator, for Brooks Health Center at (803)536-7055.