SC State Henderson-Davis Players present “Canterbury Tales”

Monday, February 23, 2009

Canterbury TalesThe SC State University Henderson-Davis Players will present the play “Canterbury Tales” on Tuesday, Feb. 24 through Friday, Feb. 27, 2009 at 10 a.m. in the Henderson-Davis Theatre on the campus of SC State. Additional performances will be held on Thursday, Feb 26 at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday, Feb. 28 at 11a.m.

The opening performance was held Monday, February 23, 2009.

“Canterbury Tales” is a participation play based on the original work by Geoffrey Chaucer, and adapted for children and youth by Bernice Bronson. The play is about a group of pilgrim travelers, who on their way to Canterbury, stop to rest at the Tabard Inn. After meeting this “merry bunch of travelers,” the Innkeeper proposes a storytelling contest.

During the contest each traveler narrates their particular tale as the other travelers act out the scene. The stories are told and judged by the participating audience and a prize will be given to the traveler with the best story. Comedy, drama, suspense and excitement will help to decide the winner of the “Canterbury Tales.” Participation from children audience members is also a part of the play.

The play contains four vignettes. “The Yeoman’s Tale” is about the alchemist who said he could make gold. “The Wife of Bath’s Tale” is about the knight who learned about what all women want most. “The Pardoner’s Tale” is about death and three thieves. “The Priest’s Tale” is about the Chanticleer, a proud rooster who dreams of his approaching doom in the form of a hound, the Fox.

The five main characters in the play are the Innkeeper, the Yeoman, the Priest (Sir John), the Wife of the Bath and the Pardoner. There are also a number of minor characters who are the sons and daughters of the Innkeeper. Each tale told by these five travelers teaches something about trickery, deceit, power, love and greed.

SC State students included in the cast are:
• Jamel Jackson, senior, digital media Major from Saluda, S.C., as the Innkeeper
• Elijah Corley, junior, dramatic arts Major from Orangeburg S.C., as the Yeoman
• Joy Noel Vaughn, senior, dramatic arts Major from Orangeburg S.C., as the Wife of Bath
• Lawrence Nelson, sophomore, history education Major from Jacksonville, Fla., as the Priest
• Trevor Joyner, sophomore, dramatic arts Major from Washington, D.C., as the Pardoner
• Blair Robinson, sophomore, dramatic arts Major from Chicago, Ill as The Innkeeper’s son
• R’yesha Stradford, senior, dramatic arts Major from Rock Hill, S.C. as the Innkeepers daughter

The play is directed by Mr. Frank M. Mundy, director of Theatre at SC State, with technical direction by Robert A. Osei-Wusu and costume design by Costumes Unlimited of Charleston, S.C.

General admission costs are $3.00 for morning performances and $5.00 for the evening and weekend performances. The cost for SC State, Claflin and Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College (OCtech) faculty and staff members is $5.00 for morning and evening performances. SC State, Claflin and OCtech students are admitted free with their ID cards.

For additional information on the “Canterbury Tales” contact the Henderson-Davis Theatre at (803) 536-7123 or (803) 536-8815.