SC State’s United Voices of Christ (UVOC) place 2nd at the Pathmark Gospel Competition

Thursday, March 5, 2009

SC State University's United Voices of Christ placed 2nd at the 9th Pathmark Gospel Competition at the World Financial Center Winter Garden, in New York, NY.

The Pathmark Gospel Choir Competition held on Saturday, February 28, 2009, brought 16 top choirs from around the nation and Canada to New York City to compete for a $10,000 first place award.

During the competition, the United Voices of Christ abandoned their robes for neon colored Converse and airbrushed tees. Their performance paralleled the one performed by the choir in the movie Sister Act 2. They placed 2nd and received a monetary reward for $7,000.

The United Voices of Christ gospel choir was initiated on the campus of SC State University on Nov. 4, 1991, by SC State students Vanessa Williams, Derek Evans, and Kenneth Windham, choir members, who had the desire for all student voices to be united as "one body in Christ.” Beginning with 10 students, the choir now has more than 50 members.

“The Pathmark Gospel Competition was a great experience. It was great to see various choirs and diverse Gospel styles during the competition,” said Meshaun Crosby, assistant business manager for United Voices of Christ.

For more information about the United Voices of Christ, contact William Ellis at (803)664-3539.