SC State Graduates from the Midwest Share Commonalities

Friday, May 8, 2009

SC State seniors, Danielle Williams and identical twins Elizabeth & Tereza Govrik share many commonalities other than the fact that they will graduate on Friday, May 8, during SC State’s Spring Commencement, which will be held at 7 p.m. in the Oliver C. Dawson stadium.

Originally from Minneapolis, Minn, Danielle and sisters Elizabeth and Tereza attended Washburn High School. There they became close friends and upon graduating decided to attend SC State University.

Williams’ love for sports inspired her to apply at SC State. Upon acceptance, Williams received a full golf scholarship and decided to major in Sports Communications. While playing on the women’s golf team she received the most improved award and coach’s award for demonstrating the most commitment and responsibility among her teammates.

She also completed her internship with the Sports Information Department at SC State.

“Overall I feel that I’ve learned a lot from my college experience. I’m really nervous about going into the real world but excited to begin a new journey,” said Williams.

After graduation, she plans to obtain her master’s degree in Mass Communications.

Williams’ graduation marks a milestone as she will be the first of eight children to graduate from college.

The Govriks also decided to attend SC State because of their love for sports. The sisters often shared the soccer field as they played with the SC State Women’s Soccer team. They also ran track together during their first three years at the University.

Elizabeth says SC State offered her something many other universities didn’t. “Both my sister and I like to play soccer but I was more interested in running track. SC State offered both along with the areas of study we were interested in,” said Elizabeth.

The Govriks received soccer scholarships that covered most of their expenses at SC State. Elizabeth also received a track scholarship.

Elizabeth, who completed her internship with the Sports Information Department at SC State, will obtain her bachelor’s degree in Sports Communications, while Tereza will receive her bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Food Management.

While the Govrik sisters have not decided exactly where they would like to attend graduate school, Elizabeth would like to obtain her master’s in Sports Communications, while Tereza will seek her master’s degree in Exercise and Sports Nutrition.

“We are trying to narrow down our choices because we would like to attend graduate school together. There are some places my sister may be interested in that I’m not because they do not offer the exact major I would like to pursue,” said Tereza.

This summer, the Govriks will be interning with the Detroit Lions Football Team in Detroit, Mich.

All three graduates share another commonality other than their love for sports and their hometown. They both come from a family of nine children, in which there is one younger brother while the rest of their siblings are older.

They agree that their experience has been unique while at SC State. They also mention that they have mostly embraced the culture difference between the South and the Midwest.

“We wanted to experience something new and coming to SC State was a once in a lifetime opportunity. We have met many wonderful people and will always have memories of our Alma Mater,” said Elizabeth.