Monday, May 11, 2009

Montina MyersSC State University student Montina Myers captures every essence of the recently coined Tyra Banks’ phrase, “she’s fierce.” Dressed impeccably and hair neatly pulled back, Myers’ fashion sense is not the only reason why “she’s fierce.” Her newly dubbed title can also be attributed to her recent internship with the Tyra Banks Show.

So, how did this 20-year-old student leave the friendly confines of South Carolina to join the ranks of Tyra Banks? It sounds easy. “I just got to the point where I wanted to find something interesting to do for an internship,” says Myers. After applying to retailers and sending in resumes every place, Myers visited the website for the Tyra Banks show and contemplated, “I wonder if they do internships?” Months later, after sending in her resume, the answer to Myers’ question came from Kristin Wendell, the production coordinator from the Tyra Banks’ Show.

Myers was elated after finding out that she would soon become an intern for the Tyra Banks Show. “I was happy,” says Myers. “I was very thankful because a lot of people can’t say they were even that close.”

Myers was so close that sometimes she would be adjacent to the stage or to Tyra Banks during the taping of the show. Although she never had the chance to meet the multi-million dollar celebrity, Myers says that the experience was inspiring. “It kind of motivated me to never give up,” she says. “I have it on my resume now and no one can take it away from me,” she continued.

Myers’ resume will now be filled with her newly acquired skills, such as research and television production. Myers also worked in the wardrobe department, field and post, and the audience department, one of the most strenuous jobs. “That department was very crucial because it’s the closest thing to Tyra,” says Myers. You must display a high level of energy that you also want your audience to capture, interact with people from all over the world, and go back and forth throughout the day. “You have to be in shape,” says Myers.

Although working in the audience department was a hectic experience, wardrobe was also demanding but fun. Myers smiles as she recalls one assignment. There was a toga party on the show. “The entire audience had to be in togas,” says Myers. “So, we had to steam about 165 togas for all of the audience members,” she recalls.

The most challenging aspect of working on the Tyra Banks Show for Myers, however, was not the togas, the research, or working with audience members. It was living in New York. “The most difficult part was learning my way around,” says Myers. “I had never ridden the subway. I had never walked to work. New York was a totally different world. It was a shock!!!” she continued.

But this different world did not prevent Myers from continuing what she wanted most, her internship with the Tyra Banks Show. “If you never take an opportunity, you’ll never know how it was,” she says. “You’ll always wonder, what if?”

Joseph Thomas, interim director of the Career Center, echoes that sentiment. He is very proud of Myers and happy that she decided to venture out. “To go to New York City where there are millions of people and to perform well, that says a lot about her, her character, and the training she receives here and also at home,” says Thomas.

Myers’ success as a Tyra intern was not only a result of her diligence, but resulted from the assistance of faculty and staff such as Mr. Thomas. “I was very fortunate to have the teachers that I’ve had because they really worked with me the entire time that I was there,” says Myers. “Mr. Thomas from the Career Center was a big help as well,” mentions Myers.

A member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. and of the honors program, Myers says that she will continue to seek assistance from departments such as the Career Center and to accept internships and other opportunities that will help her to achieve her ultimate goal of becoming a buyer. “I really encourage other students to try to think outside of the box,” says Myers. Once you “think outside of the box,” the possibilities are endless, and nothing can stop you from becoming “fierce.”

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