SC State’s Greenville Center Director Makes Presentation at Oxford Roundtable

Monday, June 1, 2009

Dr. Mary GrimesDr. Mary Grimes, director of SC State’s Greenville Center and assistant professor of Educational Leadership will present her research at the 20th Anniversary of the Oxford Roundtable on Wednesday, July 8, 2009 in Oxford, England.

The purpose of the Oxford Roundtable is to promote education, art, science, religion and charity by means of academic conferences and international publication of scholarly papers. It began in August 1989 to consider major issues in educational policy in the U.S., Britain and other nations. Composed initially of ministers of education and governors, the Roundtable now meets to discuss issues in 12 different fields, inviting university professors, business and organizational leaders to participate in a collegial, “think tank” atmosphere.

Grimes received an invitation to participate in the prestigious Oxford Roundtable based on her abstract, presented in December 2008. Her research platform considers the disparities among women in the areas of promotion, class, race and tenure in colleges and universities across the United States. Upon reviewing her abstract, the Oxford Roundtable Program Committee selected Grimes, stating that “she would make a valuable contribution to the Roundtable.”

“Often times women are selected to take on positions that require us to ‘clean up’ messes within an organization for less money and resources,” said Grimes. “I decided to look at disparities between women and men in higher education, specifically Historically Black Colleges and Universities as I’ve personally experienced it,” she continued.

Based on her research findings, Grimes will present her paper “Clean Up Women and Other Maidservants at Historically Black Colleges.” Roundtable discussions on the topic will immediately follow.

“It is such an honor to be selected to present at the Oxford Roundtable and share my research findings with others. I’m happy to represent SC State and hope to publish my research in the Oxford Journal,” said Grimes.

In 2005, Grimes made a presentation at the Intercultural Education Conference in Verona, Italy. Her paper, entitled “I Love You, You Love Me”: Deconstructing the “Barney” Myth of Diversity, derived from research based on the ideas of U.S. multicultural relations.

Grimes, a native of Los Angeles, Calif., moved to S.C. in 1995 to teach speech and direct drama at Claflin University in Orangeburg, S.C. In 2005, she relocated to Greenville, S.C. to serve as director of SC State’s Greenville Center.

Grimes received her bachelor of fine arts degree in Professional Theatre Arts at North Carolina A& T State University in Greensboro, N.C. She obtained her master of fine arts degree in Musical Theatre at U.S. International University in San Diego, Calif. and her doctor of philosophy degree in Education Administration with a concentration in Higher Education from the University of South Carolina (USC) in Columbia, S.C.

Grimes has served on numerous state-wide and national committees such as the S.C. Institute on Poverty and Deprivation Influential Sectors Program, Arts in Basic Curriculum Steering Committee, the N.C. Consortia for Women in Education, and Executive Council Member of the American Educational Studies Association.