Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Can you “walk the talk?” asked Paul White, Sr. White, former police chief of the SC State University police department, used this phrase throughout his speech during the Inaugural Awards and Inspection Ceremony held recently in Felton Laboratory Gymnasium on the campus of SC State University.

Several SC State University police officers were recognized during the Inaugural Awards and Inspection Ceremony for the dedication and commitment they have exemplified on the job, or for “walking the talk.”

White, who served as police chief for 12 years, says that “walk the talk” is an old adage that has been passed from generation to generation. It simply means that employees want change and improvement, and their actions match their words.

Interim police chief Michael Bartley says that the members of the SC State University police department have always acted in ways that would mean continuous progression for the department. “Our strides for excellence will foster great customer service, and ultimately a better law enforcement division,” stated Bartley. The ceremony also gave officers an incentive to achieve even higher standards, said Bartley.

The Inaugural Awards and Inspection Ceremony commenced with an open ranks inspection of all uniform personnel. This included a line-up of officers while a review of their dress and appearance ensued.

The ceremony continued with a greeting from Dr. Valerie Fields, interim vice president for Student Affairs. “We pause to say that we appreciate all that you do to provide a safe and secure environment,” said Fields. “It takes a village to raise a child, and you are a very integral part of that village.”

So, exactly how did these officers begin to “walk the talk?” According to White, “walking the talk” involves honing traits such as commitment, accountability, honesty, respect, and courage. “These are nothing but words unless you actually live by them,” stated White.

The following police officers were rewarded for their exemplary work, and for “walking the talk” during the Inaugural Awards and Inspection Ceremony:

Dispatcher of the Year Award - Linda Kinley
Parking Enforcement Officer of the Year Award - Larry Moorer
Residential Security Officer of the Year Award - Andrea Riley
Administrative Person of the Year Award- Jason Reed
Marksman of the Year Award - Major Kenneth McCaster
Positive Attitude Award- Elouise Muhammad
Most Talented Award- Sgt. Herman Singletary
Make It Happen Award- TSO Arthur Duley
Best Dressed Uniform Officer Award- SRO Woodrow Morgan
Rookie of the Year Award - PSO Elijah Flemming
Continuous Service Award - Lt. Helen Bonaparte
Officer of the Year Award – Lieutenant Tim Smith
Employee of the Year Award- Elouise Muhammad
Award of Appreciation - Gene Breeland
Hall of Fame Award - Chief Paul White, Sr.
Service Awards:
5-9 years
Lt. Rodney Bond, Billy Shuler, and SRO Woodrow Morgan
10-14 years:
Captain Denise Padgett, Larry Moorer, Jacqueline Thomas, Elaine Henderson, Captain Wiley Tiller, Arthur Duley, and Elouise Muhammad
15-19 years:
Sgt. Herman Singletary
20-24 years:
Jason Reed and Lieutenant Helen Bonaparte