SC State’s Department of Family and Consumer Sciences Receives 10 Year Reaccreditation

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dr. E. Jones and K WilderThe Department of Family and Consumer Sciences at SC State received reaccreditation this summer by the Council for Accreditation of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), during the 100th Annual Conference and Expo, held in Knoxville, Tenn.

The AAFCS Council for Accreditation is a specialized accrediting agency, with a mission to provide a voluntary external evaluation of units in higher education that represent the family and consumer sciences profession and to recognize those units that meet or exceed stated standards.

The AAFCS accreditation model requires: application by a family and consumer sciences unit holding membership in AAFCS's Higher Education Unit; a careful self-study by the unit; an on-site visit by an evaluation team and an institutional response to the team's report as well as subsequent review and decision by AAFCS's Council for Accreditation.

The Council applies contemporary criteria that are national in scope. Thus, accreditation contributes to the assurance that graduates of these programs have had formal preparation that meets nationally accepted standards of quality.
Dr. Ethel Jones, department chairperson of Family and Consumer Sciences and SC State Alumna, ’83, was elated upon learning about the 10 year reaccreditation and shares her thoughts on what it means for faculty, staff and students at SC State.

“A part of our vision is striving to be a premier unit within the College of Business and Applied Professional Sciences here at SC State and across the nation. In order to attract quality faculty and students there must be a certain level of credibility,” stated Jones. “Additionally it’s important to hold a high level of responsibility and accountability to attract the clientele that we serve,” she continued.

The reaccreditation also brings a high level of visibility to the department of family and consumer sciences, which prepares students who possess highly marketable skills and are competitive in their chosen areas of specialization to enter into a dynamic workforce.

“We want the best for our students, therefore we strive to stay on the cutting edge and seek to keep them informed on what’s happening in the family and consumer sciences profession. This reaffirmation gives students an opportunity to find good jobs once they have graduated and places them in a position to move forward in different levels of the profession. It also provides them with an opportunity to network with other individuals across the nation that has similar goals and interests in mind,” exclaimed Jones.

In addition to the exciting news of learning that her department was reaffirmed, on the same evening, Jones was surprised when she found out that she was nominated by her peers for the Outstanding Family and Consumer Sciences Professional Award.

Dr. R. Purcell & Dr. E. JonesAwarded by the National Coalition for Black Development, the Outstanding Family and Consumer Sciences Professional Award is given to the individual who exhibits a professional commitment to the profession of family and consumer sciences, exhibits a competitive advantage over other peers across the nation in areas such as research and current issues, demonstrates a high level of leadership ability, sustains a family and consumer sciences’ unit that is on the cutting edge of technology, and works and serves in a leadership capacity for a number of national organizations.

“I was very surprised to learn that I was named the Outstanding Family and Consumer Sciences Professional by the National Black Coalition. I sincerely thank my peers for nominating me and additionally thank everyone who was instrumental in the reaccreditation process. There were many individuals who played a key role in ensuring that we were successful,” concluded Jones.

The next reaccreditation for the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences will take place in spring 2019.