SC State's Honors, International, National and Student Exchange begins 2009-2010 Peer Mentor Program

Monday, September 28, 2009

SC State’s Honors, International, National and Student Exchange Peer Mentoring Program will lend a helping hand to the future generations of SC State Bulldogs by initiating a program that will assist Honors Program freshmen with the transition from high school to college. This program connects freshmen with upperclassmen who will serve as mentors and provide support. The Peer Mentor Program will begin on Monday, Sept. 28, 2009.

“The Peer Mentor Program is important because there are too many instances where students come to college alone and confused and are too afraid to ask questions,” said Juan Maultsby, student services program coordinator. “This program will help students team up with someone who has already experienced situations like that,” he continued.

“I believe this program will afford the incoming Honors freshmen an opportunity to connect with their mentor to give those networking skills and coping mechanisms to deal with college life. My hope is that this program will transcend inter-disciplinary boundaries at the University,” said Maultsby.

Peer mentors are generally juniors and seniors who demonstrate outstanding community service. Mentors are also participants in various organizations, and have a minimum GPA of 3.5. The initial role of the peer mentor is to serve as mentors to freshmen and share experiences among their peers. During the Peer Mentor Program, mentors will assist the students with adjusting to the “college life.” They will also provide students with helpful tidbits that can be utilized for freshmen to take full advantage of all resources and opportunities that exist on campus. The Peer Mentor Program will provide new students with the opportunity to ask questions, develop a plan of action and gain an insider’s understanding of SC State.

The peer mentoring program will last for a year. After the year, the mentee is encouraged to keep in contact with their mentor during their tenure at SC State.

“This Peer Mentor Program will provide invaluable support, nurturance, and guidance to impressionable young collegians experiencing life away from home for the first time. Everyone knows how critical a successful adjustment period is for the first year of college in retaining and keeping students. Students will benefit greatly from the warm bonds formed with upperclassmen through shared experiences, wisdom and advice in achieving academic success and avoiding pitfalls,” said Dr. Harriet A. Roland, director of the Honors, International and National Student Exchange Programs.

For additional information about the SC State’s Honors, International and National Student Exchange Peer Mentor Program, contact Juan Maultsby at (803)516-4610.