SC State University's Career Center Hosted the Annual Graduate and Professional Schools Day Fair

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

According to the website, higher education is now required. Individuals with bachelor’s degrees have increased from 5 percent to 27 percent since 1950. Currently, there are also the same number of people with bachelor’s degrees that held high school diplomas in that era. The competition is getting stiff, and undergraduate students are encouraged to seek higher education in order to thrive in the competitive job marketplace.

The Career Center’s recent Graduate and Professional Schools Day Fair afforded an opportunity for SC State University students to begin setting themselves apart from some of their counterparts by perusing information from colleges and universities that may offer a master’s degree in their area of interest. Featuring nearly 30 universities, the Graduate and Professional Schools Day Fair provided significant information, according to Joseph Thomas, interim director for the Career Center. “The Graduate and Professional Schools Day Fair is a means of providing information and opportunities to all students on the various aspects of graduate school, including the services that are rendered at this level and the programs that are offered at distinct universities,” stated Thomas.

Schools such as Georgia Southern University informed students about their unique programs, including their College of Public Health, a new program that has been in existence for approximately three years. Offering business degrees and physical education options are also very popular, according to Georgia Southern University Graduate Student and Recruitment Manager Toby Ziglar.

Michelle Leavell, admissions specialist at Brenau University, beamed about the various courses that the school offers. “Our nursing programs are really popular right now,” said Leavell. “We also offer Clinical Counseling Psychology where students can receive licensure to open their own counseling center. We are also now working on some doctoral programs in education,” she continued.

SC State also prepares students to thrive in a global and diverse society, stated MBA Director, Dr. Stacey Settle. Majors in entrepreneurship and agribusiness are offered in the MBA Program. “Courses in agribusiness give people experience and expertise in the food and fiber industry, the agribusiness industry,” said Settle. “The courses that really stand out in the entrepreneurship track are the venture capital and the private finance courses. These courses show you how to get financing to start your own business,” continued Settle.

Students who participated in this year’s Graduate and Professional Schools Day Fair were ecstatic about the various schools that participated, such as The University of Akron, The University of South Carolina and Winthrop University. Senior psychology major Brittney Long plans to attend Winthrop University in the fall. “I’ve always liked Winthrop. They have a very beautiful campus. They also informed me about their Department of Psychology. Plus, I will also be able to stay on campus, so that’s great too,” noted Long.

Senior chemistry major Megan Jackson was equally excited about Troy University. Although she may plan to focus on neonatal care, Jackson is also interested in criminal justice. “The forensic and criminal justice programs stand out for Troy. I’m really into that also,” stated Jackson. “Right now, I’m just looking around to get a feel for certain universities and the curriculums that they offer, just to see my options,” she continued.

That is what the annual Graduate and Professional Schools Day Fair is all about, stated Kristal Hutchinson, event coordinator. “Students begin to determine whether or not a particular university is a match for them. What’s important, however, is that we give them several options to assist them in beginning their search,” stated Hutchinson.

Jackson appreciated the Graduate and Professional Schools Day Fair, delighted that the Career Center’s focus is on the students. “I think this is something really good that they have done for the students. Instead of going out to these schools, they’re coming to us. Now, we can get a first-hand look at their programs right here on our campus,” stated Jackson.

For more information on the Career Center’s upcoming events, call (803) 536-7033.