President Hugine praises SC State's "Unsung Heroes"

Monday, January 15, 2007

Just before SC State’s students returned to the campus for the Spring 2007 semester, President Andrew Hugine Jr. took the time to recognize nine of the campus’ “unsung heroes.”

“The University realizes that to be successful requires the support and dedication of a lot of individuals,” said Hugine at the recent biannual assembly of SC State’s faculty and staff.

At the assembly, the president recognized the hard work of staff members in three areas – Facilities Management, Campus Services (Grounds) and Food Services.

“Unsung heroes exist in every organization,” said Hugine. “People who take the time to do those things that we often take for granted, those individuals who arrive before us and leave after us.”

“We appreciate what you do, and wanted to recognize you and your hard work in a public way, before your peers and the entire University family,” he said.

Staff members recognized for their work in Facilities Management included Jimmy Baxter, Dennis Larrymore and LaSharn Vincent. Joseph Johnson, McArthur Jones and Samuel Gilyard were recognized for their work in Campus Services, and Ethel Darby, Betty Jamison and Shirley Odom were recognized for their work in Food Services.

Not only were the staff members recognized for their efforts at the assembly, but also received a monetary award for their contributions to the continued success of SC State.

“It’s my intent to make this part of all general sessions of faculty and staff from this point,” said Hugine.