SC State Honors Student Teachers During Induction Ceremony

Thursday, January 7, 2010

SC State University’s Education Department recently honored 30 seniors during an induction ceremony for completing their student teaching requirements.

Chaired by Dr. M. Evelyn Fields, SC State’s Department of Education is one of the few teacher preparation programs in South Carolina, where 100 percent of teacher education candidates meet all requirements to be licensed as a certifiable teacher upon graduation.

According to Dr. Janice Belton-Owens, professor of Teacher Education at SC State, this makes SC State teacher education graduates marketable and one of the most highly sought after group of teachers by school districts from more than 40 states in the United States, as well as school systems abroad and the Caribbean Islands.

In addition to being diverse in various educational teaching disciplines to include early childhood, elementary, english, social studies, music, biology, mathematics and art education, nine of the teacher education inductees are males, which will make a significant impact on the critical shortage of male teachers in South Carolina.

Recently, the inductees completed a 62-day internship where they taught in diverse preK-12 school districts in South Carolina.  The competition of the internship signifies the eligibility of a teaching license, which enables each inductee to teach in the state of South Carolina.  The teaching license also has reciprocity with more than 40 other states and the Caribbean Islands.

The student teacher inductees include:

Johnerra O. Alford, Social Studies Education Major
Rhonda R. Alston, Elementary Education Major
Patricia Marie Avant, Masters of Arts in teaching
Yolanda Bennett, Music Education Major
Tremelia Burns, Art Education Major
Christen Cheevers, Elementary Education Major
Thomas Benjamin Davis, Music Education Major
Evelyn Workman Dowling, Masters of Arts in teaching
Dana Garrett, Early Childhood Education Major
Rachelle Gilmore, Masters of Arts in teaching
Brendan Glaze, Mathematics Education Major
LaDasia Glen, Mathematics Education Major
Diandra Hilliard-Smith, Early Childhood Education Major
Amann Holden, Mathematics Education Major
Jeremy James, Social Studies Education Major
Charles Jeffcoat, Elementary Education Major
Valencia Johnson, English Education Major
Alma Jones, Elementary Education Major
Darius Krider, Elementary Education Major
Fatieka Meggett, Elementary Education Major
Brian Pashchal, Social Studies Education Major
James Patterson, Music Education Major
LaCole Pressley, Masters of Arts in teaching
Deana Scott, Elementary Education Major
Mironda Scott, Biology Education Major
Amy Simmons, Music Education Major
Janice Smith, Early Childhood Education Major
Marvin Taylor, Jr., Elementary Education Major
Lakesha West, Masters of Arts in teaching
Amari Winds, Early Childhood Education Major