Two new members elected to SC State University's Board of Trustees

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The South Carolina General Assembly has elected two new trustees to serve on SC State University’s Board of Trustees, and one incumbent is returning to service.

Patricia B. Lott, of Orangeburg, has been elected to fill the Seat # 9, At-Large position.  The Seat #9 was previously held by Earl A. Bridges, Esq.

Robert L. Waldrep Jr., of Anderson, has been elected to fill the Seat # 3, District #3. The Seat #3 was previously held by Lumus Byrd.

Robert M. Nance, Seat# 7, At-Large position, of Orangeburg, was elected to serve four more years on SC State’s Board of Trustees.

“I want to congratulate Patricia Lott, Robert Waldrep, and Robert Nance on the success of their election to SC State’s Board of Trustees,” said Jonathan N. Pinson, board chairman. “I am looking forward to working with each of them, as we move SC State’s agenda forward,” he continued.

Current SC State board members include: Karl V. Green, (Seat #1, District #1); Reggie Gallant, (Seat #2, District #2); Lumus Byrd, ‘65 ,(Seat #3, District #3); Dr. John H. Corbitt, ’62, (Seat #4, District #4); Linda Edwards-Duncan, ‘76, ’81, (Seat #5, District #5); Maurice G. Washington, ’85, (Seat #6, District #6); Robert M. Nance, (Seat# 7, At-Large); Matthew Richardson, (Seat # 8, At-Large); Earl A. Bridges, Esq., (Seat #9, At-Large); Jonathan N. Pinson, ’93, (Seat #10, At-Large); Walter Tobin Sr., ’63, (Seat #11, At-Large); Lancelot Wright, (Seat #12, At-Large) and Martha Scott Smith, (Governor’s appointee).