Five SC State University Students to Visit China this Summer

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Chinese Culture Center (CCC) has selected five SC State University students to participate in their 2010 Teach English in China Summer Internship. Lea Walker, president of the CCC in Columbia, S.C., has worked closely with Dr. Leonard McIntyre, special assistant to the president for International Affairs, to secure internships for the University’s students.

“The CCC recruits students from all over the United States, Canada and other countries to teach English in China,” said Walker. “It is a non-profit organization that handles the paper work, placement and other legalities on behalf of the students while they are in China,” she continued. CCC is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. CCC’s mission is to introduce Chinese culture to American people, and to promote the understanding and friendship between American people and Chinese people by offering various cultural and educational classes and activities with schools and various other community organizations. CCC is authorized and certified by the China National Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs. They recruit and train Americans to teach and work in China. CCC also offers U.S.A schools and universities salary-free Mandarin teachers.

Five SC State University students were chosen to visit China this summer:
Demestress Bell-Cresse, doctoral candidate, educational leadership major
James Dowling, Jr., junior, business marketing major
Whitney Gooden, senior, English education major
Candace Jones, junior, spanish major
Jessica Teasdell, senior, professional English major

“I am really excited and appreciative to have been given this opportunity,” said Whitney Gooden, english education major at SC State University. “Not only will the students learn from me, but I will learn from them as well. This experience should be both exciting and rewarding, and I cannot wait,” Gooden stated.

Dowling has similar feelings about traveling to China. “I believe that this is going to be a very interesting experience. I am very optimistic. I do not know what to expect,” says Dowling.

SC State University students will be housed in Hangzhou City, China. In exchange for their service, the CCC will provide them with free housing, a stipend, Chinese classes and tours around the area.

“We want to work with universities such as SC State University to bridge the students with the CCC,” says Walker. “This opportunity will give the students a broad view of the world,” she indicated. Students like Demestress Bell-Creese are looking forward to such an experience.

“It is an honor for me to have been afforded this opportunity to teach English in China,” says Demestress Bell-Creese, instructional coordinator for SC State University’s Student Support Services.  “I believe that this will cultivate my global learning experience and enable me to be a greater representative for the University as well as society,” says Bell-Creese.

Dr. McIntrye is equally ecstatic. “As we seek to internationalize our University, we are making a concerted effort to expand the opportunities that we provide for faculty and students to participate in international exchanges and study abroad activities,” said Dr. McIntyre. “The Teach English in China Summer Internship is one means by which we can provide an international experience for students and better position the University to recruit and attract future students,” he continued.

To learn more about the Teach English in China Summer Internship, contact Dr. Leonard McIntyre at (803) 536-7960.