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Counselor Education Faculty

Dr. Philip M. Scriven
Program Director and Associate Professor
Office Phone: (803) 536-7147
Email: pscriven@scsu.edu



Dr. Lucinda Barron, Assistant Professor
Email: lbarron@scsu.edu



Dr. Sharon Givens, Assistant Professor
Office Phone: (803) 536-8607
Email: sgivens6@scsu.edu



Dr. Charlotte R. Hamilton, Assistant Professor
Email: crhamilton@scsu.edu



Dr. James C. Robinson, Associate Professor
Email: zs_crobinson@scsu.edu



Dr. Ahmad Washington, Assistant Professor
Offiec Phone: (803) 536-8607
Email: sgivens6@scsu.edu



Dr. Carolyn J. Woodbury, Associate Professor
Email: cwoodbury@scsu.edu





Mrs. Sequois Smith, Administrative Specialist
to Dr. Philip Scriven
Email: smith45@scsu.edu