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Master of Education

The new conceptual framework for Education is “The Professional Educator as an Effective Performer, Reflective Decision-maker, and Humanistic Practitioner.” The overall goals of the M.Ed. Programs are (a) to produce elementary and secondary teachers and counselors competent in their academic specialties and/or teaching areas and (b) to imbue all graduates with a thorough understanding of the historical, philosophical, developmental, humanistic, research, and quantitative bases of public education. To meet subject-matter objectives, graduates of the various subject-matter areas, applicable to their particular disciplines, will be able to do the following:

  1. Teach or perform effectively in the areas of specialty to the range of students in a multicultural society;
  2. Carry out the role and function of a secondary of elementary teacher or specialist in the subject-matter areas;
  3. Apply the basic concepts of human development and individual differences in providing for the individual needs of the broad array of students in their settings;
  4. Interpret and use properly the results of standardized measures of academic achievement in their classrooms and in the overall school environment;
  5. Apply the methodology of the subject-matter area in planning, designing, and delivering classroom instruction
  6. Apply the principles of effective educational measurement in diagnosing and meeting student needs and in evaluating individual and group performance in the school setting;
  7. Demonstrate fundamental laboratory techniques where applicable;
  8. Demonstrate skill in applying scientific methodology and research findings to a particular subject matter;
  9. Apply the principles of effective classroom management and discipline in a democratic environment involving, appropriately, parents, students, and administrators; and
  10. Use reflective decision making in order to perform at the highest scholarly and professional levels expected of holders of the Master of Education degree.