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Required Immunizations

In conjunction with South Carolina State Immunization Laws of 1985, 1998 and SC State 2011, all students are required to provide documentation of immunizations before registration that protects students form serious illnesses and even death. They include:


In addition, the following immunizations are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED, as they too can cause serious illness and death:

  • Tetanus (Lock Jaw) ever 5-10 years
  • Tuberculin (Tb)-PPD
  • Varicella (chickenpox)
  • Gardasil

Should you need your immunization record or need to update your immunization history, please check with your health care provider or local health district. If necessary the above immunization is available for a nominal fee, please contact the Health Center for fees and to schedule an appointment. Fees are payable at the Cashiers' office Crawford-Zimmerman Complex. Bring your receipt at your appointed time.



Influenza Vaccine

BHC administers the influenza vaccine to student at NO cost, and for a nominal fee (contact the Health Center) to faculty and staff, annually. Provide the receipt at the time the vaccine is administered. Fees are payable at the Cashiers' office (Crawford-Zimmerman Complex).