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Medical and Nursing Services

We Offer Quality Health Care

Brooks Health Center's (BHC), staff consist of: physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, pharmacist, registered and licensed practical nurses, other allied health care practitioner and supportive staff is equipped to assess, evaluate and treat most routine outpatient (ambulatory) care problems associated with the college age population.

Health Fee Coverage

All full time students that paid university health fee are eligible for care at BHC. Students will NOT be charge for routine office visits,; however a nominal charge maybe incurred for certain services provided, such as lab studies and tuberculin test (PPD), etc. Students will be informed of any additional charge for services, but we encourage students to inquire about charges and fees in advance. Students referred to local health care providers and for other specialized care will be at the students's expense. No referral will be made without the students' complete understanding of their financial obligation.

Appointments at Brooks Health Center

Appointments are available and are required for those who do not need immediate care. Students who need immediate care should go to the Health Center for an evaluation. Students should call (803)536-7053 for appointments to avoid prolong waiting and direction to specific clinics.

Student Insurance

It is mandatory that all students, undergraduate, graduate and professional (on/off campus or distance learning), taking six (6) or more hours to have medical health coverage. Should you desire to enroll in the basic health and accident insurance plan available especially for SC State students, a insurance program is offered through Pearce & Pearce, Inc. for a fee of $150 (domestic) and $193(international).For those with comparable equal or better health insurance coverage through employment, your parents/guardian, or spouse you may waive the Student Health Insurance Plan. For enrollment, waive option and information regarding the insurance coverage, visit the webpage at www.studentinsurance.com. If further assistance is desired, please contact Brooks Health Center/803-536-7053/7055.

PLEASE NOTE: You will automatically be enrolled in the university student health insurance plan if you fail to appropriately waive coverage by the deadline each semester.


All consultation, services and medical records located at Brooks Health Center are governed by HIPAA and FERPA regulations, which prohibits the release of any information without the student's knowledge and written consent.