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University Police Personnel

Mernard Clarkson, Interim Chief of Police
Kenneth McCaster, Assistant Chief of Police


  • Captain Denise Padgett-Dunbar (Communications/ Records/ Judicial Affairs Liaison/ Parking Registration)
  • Yolanda Mathis (Patrol)
  • Lieutenant Rodney Bond (Investigations)
  • 1st Sergeant Woodrow Morgan (Training Division)
  • 1st Sergeant Herman Singletary (School Resource Officer, Felton Laboratory School, D.A.R.E.)
  • Mr. Jason Reed (IACLEA Manager/ Grants Management/ Parking Management/ Crime Statistics)
  • Sergeant Willie Broxton (Residential Security Officer Supervisor)
  • Mrs. Pamela W. Lucas (Office Manager)


Alpha Shift

  • PSO Christopher Powell
  • PSO Errol Brooks
Bravo Shift
  • Sgt. Herman Singletary
  • PSO Dontrey Staley
Charlie Shift
  • Sgt. Quentin Corbit
  • PSO David Bowers
Delta Shift
  • Sgt. Kendra Williams
  • PSO Benjamin Adams

Communications Specialist

  • Mrs. Jacqueline Thomas
  • Mrs. Elaine Henderson
  • Mrs. Linda Gilliard
  • Ms. Latrina Samuel

Records Division

  • Mrs. Yvonne Green

Vehicle Registration

  • Ms. Chrystal Howell
  • Mrs. Betty Zimmerman

Victims Advocate

  • Ms. Eugenia Staley

Parking Enforcement

  • SO Arthur Duley
  • SO Larry Moorer
  • SO Carl Pelzer
  • SO Patricia Hughes Wilson

Gate Security

  • SO Coro Hunter
  • SO Michael Richardson
  • SO Ronnie Tyler
  • SO Lethene Turkvan