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1890 ResearchThe 1890 Research Program is the catalyst that has kept SC State University at the forefront of agriculture and rural research problems and issues confronting South Carolina.

The Research Program offers opportunities for students, faculty and staff to participate in organized research projects that are designed to upgrade quality of life for limited-resource clients. The focus of the studies are based on one of the following key areas:

• 4-H Youth Development and Families
• Climate Change
• Community, Leadership and Economic Development
• Family and Consumer Sciences
• Food Safety
• Global Food Security and Hunger
• Natural Resource Management
• Sustainable Animal Production Systems
• Sustainable Agriculture Products for (non-food) Horticultural Crop
• Sustainable Energy

Research projects funded through 1890 Research enable the university to demonstrate its unique capability for understanding and addressing problems, concerns and issues affecting the quality of life of disadvantaged clientele.

To find out about current 1890 research projects, see the list below. For more information on a specific study, please contact the researcher(s). Or, for details on 1890 Research, contact Dr. Louis Whitesides at 803-536-8616.

Dr. Mahtabuddin Ahmed, professor of chemistry
Email: mahmed2@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-8979

Project Title:
Investigations on Food Derived AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products) in Relation to Obesity and Breast Cancer

The primary goal of this study is to investigate the extent of carbohydrate and fat-derived AGEs (Advanced Glycation End-products), measuring amounts of carboxymethyllysine (CML) and carboxyethyllysine (CEL) from obese (BMI>30) and breast cancer - noncancerous tissue samples from similar age groups and known BMI values. Results of the study may lead to better management and development of new drugs for obesity-related conditions and breast cancer treatment.

Dr. Nikhil Bandodkar, assistant professor of business administration Email: nbandodk@scsu.edu Phone: (803) 536-8209

Project Title:
An Examination of the Determinants of Environmental Scanning Behavior and its Effect on the Market Orientation of Small Agribusiness Firms in South Carolina

The research examines the significant determinants of environmental-scanning behavior, its different variants and the effect of using environmental scanning on the market orientation of small agribusiness firms. Outcomes of the research will contribute to existing academic literature on environmental scanning, provide hands-on interventions for business practitioners and improve business education in agribusiness, marketing and management.

Dr. Liljana Bozinovska, professor of biological and physical sciences
Email: lbozinov@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-8515

Project Title:
Achievement Motivation for Child Obesity Prevention

The research study looks to find a relationship between child achievement motivation and child obesity prevention and apply the knowledge in obesity prevention with the considered population. The project seeks to address achievement motivation through achieving EEG-based psychokinesis (also known as brain-robot interface). The methods used include building achievement motivation through the brain-robot interface achievement task and counseling for participants and their parents regarding behavior and attitudes in relation to health and nutrition.

Dr. Demarcus Bush, professor of health sciences and speech pathology
Email: dbush4@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-8594

Project Title:
The Assessment of Hearing Loss and High Blood Pressure among Farmers and Agricultural Workers in Rural Counties of South Carolina (Orangeburg, Clarendon, Richland, Charleston, Bamberg and Berkeley)

The project looks to educate farmers, who are exposed regularly to hazardous sound (noise) levels in the state of South Carolina of the risk factors of how noise-induced hearing loss could affect other areas of their health, including ischemic heart disease and high blood pressure.

Dr. Rosetta Dingle, assistant professor of visual and performing arts
Email: rdingle@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-8886

Project Title:
Influences of Music Instruction on Reading and Music Achievement: Increasing Agricultural Literacy and Awareness in Grades PreK-5

The project examines the effect of a linked, instructional approach on the reading achievement and music achievement of students in grades Pre-K through 5th. The pilot study looks to link the two courses in order to improve student’s reading achievement through agricultural literacy outcomes.

Dr. Nasrollah Hamidi, assistant professor of physical sciences
Email: nhamidi@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-850

Project Title:
Reusing Post-Consumed Plastics for Solvent Extraction of Resins and Other Reprocessin

This project centers on saving energy by recovering resin, and reutilizing post-consumed plastics (PCPs), and waste plastics. The research focuses on extracting resins from the PCPs network, and also focuses on reutilizing, and down-cycling the PCPs into new valuable products. The two processes are energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Dr. Antoinette Hollis, assistant professor of counselor education
Email: ahollis4@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-8701

Dr. Leonis Wright, Co-PI, assistant professor of human services and counseling education
Email: lwright5@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-7198

Project Title:
The Effects of Horticulture therapy on At-Risk Youth Living in a Rural Communit

Dr. Jae-Dong Hong, professor of industrial and electrical engineering
Email: jhong@scsu.edu
Phone: 803-536-8861

Project Title: Design of Resilient and Efficient Supply Chain Logistics Network System to Mitigate the Impact of Disruptions in South Carolina

The project looks to develop an innovative framework for designing resilient and efficient supply chain logistics networks (SCLNs) under the risk of disruptions. The development of the framework is a critical strategic decision that significantly affects the overall performance of supply chain risk management (SCRM) activities to mitigate the impact of potential disruptions.

Dr. David Jamison, assistant professor of business administration
Email: djamison@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-8443

Project Title:
Improving Agritourism Marketing in South Carolina

This project examines the marketing capabilities of small farmers who engage in agritourism activities as a supplemental or primary means of earnings and seeks to provide research-based measures to improve the marketing viability of such farms. The research initiatives will lead to the identification of current and potential small farm agritourism practitioners, and the marketing challenges they face in developing and communicating agritourism experiences and resources.

Dr. Ashley Knowell-Evans, Co-PI, assistant professor of bioengineering sciences
Email: aevans10@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 533-3674

Dr. Shanora Glymph-Brown, Co-PI, assistant professor of biology/bioengineering sciences
Email: sglymph@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 516-468

Project Title:
Analyzing the Role of High Pro-Inflammatory Diets and Childhood Obesity in the Risk of Adult Carcinogenesis in South Carolinian Children

The goal of the project is to understand better the relationship between pro-inflammatory diets, pro-inflammatory marker expression levels and adult cancer risks in obese South Carolinian youth. The central hypothesis of the study is that high pro-inflammatory diets and lack of exercise, which are obesity precursors, will result in increased levels of bio-inflammatory markers that have been linked to cancer diagnosis. The comparison of transcription patterns, geographical area, demographics and socioeconomics between subjects enrolled in the study will look to determine whether nutrition, obesity or the combination of both is the contributing factor to the enhanced chronic inflammatory state implicated in carcinogenesis.

Dr. Craig Littlejohn, associate professor of engineering technology
Email: slittle2@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-7962

Project Title:
Low Income/Small Scale South Carolina Food Supplier Perceptions of Technology-Based Food Safety Approaches

The research examines an industrial engineering-based supply chain management approach to use traceability technology as a means of providing heightened visibility and accountability within the food supply chains of small-scale and low-income farmers.

Dr. Yaoling Long, assistant professor biological and physical sciences
Email: ylong@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 516-4652/(803) 536-8140

Project Title: Targeted and Un-Targeted Multi-Residue Pesticides Analysis in Food Using Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry and Chemometrics

The research analyzes fruits and vegetables using high resolution and high accuracy chromatography (quadruple time of flight) mass spectrometry techniques and chemometrics to process and analyze pesticide residue.

Dr. Rizana Mahroof, associate professor of biological sciences
Email: rmahroof@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-8174

Project Title:
Susceptibility of Insects to gaseous Ozone: Flow Characteristics and Penetration of Ozone through Various Materials

The research looks to evaluate the susceptibility of various life stages of economically important stored product insects to different doses and exposure time to ozone and establish a dose-time-mortality relationship.

Dr. Muhammad Mustafa, professor of agribusiness and economics
Email: mmustafa@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-7949

Dr. Haile Selassie, Co-PI, professor of accounting, economics and agribusiness
Email: selassie@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-8121

Project Title:
Growth, Employment and Economic Development Nexus: Empirical Investigation of South Carolina

Dr. Jagruti Sahoo, associate professor of mathematics and computer science
Email: jsahoo@scsu.edu

Project Title:
Secure and Optimized Internet-of-Things (IoT) Deployment for Smart Farmin

The research aims at designing novel frameworks and algorithms based on game theory, social network analysis and deep reinforcement learning to achieve an optimized and secure IoT deployment for smart farming systems. Outcomes of the project look to increase agricultural yields, reduced costs, enhance operational efficiency and improved decision-making and are expected to enhance the awareness of farmers on IoT applications and the cybersecurity issues in the agriculture sphere.

Dr. Waltena Simpson, assistant professor biological sciences
Email: wsimpson@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 516-4539

Project Title:
Natural Attenuation of Uranium (U) Contaminated Groundwater, Soils and Sediments

The goal of this project is the characterization of natural microbial-produced biosurfactants and polymers with respect to their chemical properties and interactions for metal and radionuclide remediation. The research will involve determinating the functional diversity of subsurface groundwater microbiota under the influence of uranium (U) contamination, identifying the associations and interactions between environmental variables and U (VI)-reducing microorganisms using microcosm and enzyme studies, and determine the impact of biosurfactants on U bioavailability through enzymatic studies.

Dr. Renu Singh, assistant professor of business administration
Email: rsingh2@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-8981

Project Title:
Social Media Use Among Value-Added Agricultural Enterprises: Goals, Challenges and Return on Investment

The research seeks to identify factors related to social media adoption among small value-added producers and develop a framework that can help small businesses in establishing and implementing a social media strategy. The study will also identify and delineate the association between social media engagement and a firm's economic, socio-economic, and systemic performance, thereby increasing the understanding of related benefits that small businesses can accrue from their efforts on such platforms.

Dr. James B. Stukes, associate professor of biological sciences
Email: stukes@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-8192

Project Title:
The Analysis of S. C. Crops for the Prevalence of Mold and the Reduction of Aflatoxins by Ozone

The research investigates the effects of ozone on aflatoxin in wheat, soybeans, and cottonseeds grown in South Carolina. The project looks to determine the prevalence of aflatoxins produced by the molds Aspergillus flavis and Aspergillus parasiticus found in wheat, cottonseed and soybean crops in South Carolina and will look to develop an innovative approach to effectively inhibit the levels of aflatoxins in wheat, cottonseed, and soybean crops using various ozone treatments.

Dr. Zaijing Sun, assistant professor of civil and mechanical/nuclear engineering
Email: zsun@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-7924

Project Title:
Applying Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA) To the Study of Toxic Trace Elements in Cotton Seeds

The research identifies cotton seeds and corresponding local soil using a radioanalytical method called Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis (INAA). Through analyzing cotton seeds and corresponding local soil with INAA, it is possible to determine the level of trace elements with high accuracy and extreme sensitivity and establish a relationship between the amount of toxic trace elements in the cotton seeds and the level of heavy metal contamination in the local soil. The project will contribute to enhance the cotton productivity, environmental quality of plantations, food quality and safety, and to improve the economic vitality of rural communities in South Carolina.

Dr. Lakeisa Tucker, assistant professor of social work
Email: ltucker3@scsu.edu
Phone: (803) 536-8584

Project Title:,/strong>
A Social Worker’s Role in Improving Food Insecurity to Promote Healthy Student Development Through School-Based Services

The project will research and provide strategies and resources to enhance the food insecurity of school-aged children. The goal of the project is to educate and implement activities geared towards participants that have limitations in accessing healthy food. The research demonstrates the need for school social workers to deliver school-based services for students and families who are experiencing food insecurity.