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Program Overviews

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The Accounting Program is a 124 credit hours curriculum designed to provide students with general education, business core, and accounting knowledge necessary for entering the accounting profession. The program places additional emphasis on the development of competencies in analytical, interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills. Students are expected to solve problems, make oral presentations, complete written assignments, and complete group projects in courses throughout the curriculum.

Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness

The Agribusiness Program focuses on the marketing and distribution of food and fiber products and the unique characteristics of the food and fiber sector of the U.S. economy. Students must complete 122 credit hours, which include in-depth training in business and economic techniques extensively used by a vast array of agribusiness firms and agencies which provide supplies and services to businesses that produce and market agriculture products.

Bachelor of Science in Economics

The Business Economics Program provides students with rigorous training in economic theory, applied economics and quantitative techniques. The curriculum in business economics is designed to broaden a student’s background and understanding of the economy within the American and global business environment. The overall objective is to develop the potential of students as economics professionals, enabling them to play a more effective role in the American Economic System. Students must complete 122 credit hours.