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What is Call Me MISTER?

SC State University is leading the way in recruiting & training more African American male teachers for South Carolina classrooms through its Call Me MiSTER program. Launched in year 2000, the program is designed to provide a pipeline of highly effective African-American male educators to South Carolina’s public schools that will serve their communities as mentors & role models. Less than two percent of public school teachers in the U.S. are African-American men and less than one percent of South Carolina’s public elementary school teachers are African- American men. Through Call Me MiSTER, this narrative has already begun to change. Since 2004, over 250 MiSTERs have graduated, fully certified & entered the classroom resulting in a 90% increase of Black male elementary teachers in South Carolina!

Guidelines & Requirements for Participation

Call Me MISTER website The Call Me MiSTER (CMM) program is a collaboration between Clemson University and other colleges and universities, including South Carolina State University. The program is HIGHLY competitive and provides financial assistance in the form of scholarships towards tuition & fees and a stipend each semester.

Pre-Praxis Core Completion (Misters that has NOT passed Praxis Core)

      • Financial assistance of $5,000 each academic year

Pre-Praxis Core Completion (Misters that HAS passed Praxis Core)

      • Financial assistance of $10,000 each academic year

It is important to note that these amounts are subject to change from year to year and these amounts include the scholarship & stipend together. MiSTERs are expected to teach in a public school in South Carolina for EACH year they receive funding after they graduate.

To participate in the program, the following guidelines and requirements must be met:

  1. Be accepted for enrollment at South Carolina State University.
  2. Plan to reside in the designated Living & Learning Community (LLC) dormitory along with the other MiSTERs in the cohort for the entire duration of their academic matriculation. Currently this is Hugine Suites for upperclassmen MiSTERs & Battiste Hall for freshmen MiSTERs.
  3. Major in elementary, early childhood, middle level, special education, art education, or music education. Physical education is not an eligible major at this time.
  4. Complete the pre-application form found at www.callmemister.clemson.edu AND submit an fully completed application found below. Applications and supporting documents should be received by April 15th of each year. All qualified individuals are encouraged to apply. Presently, about three students are added to the program each year, which means that the program is highly competitive.
  5. Participate in an virtual or in-person interview.

Please note that applicants who take and pass all 3 parts of Praxis Core (Pre-Professional Skills Assessment of Reading, Writing, & Math) prior to the selection deadline will be given high priority. For information about this test, log on to www.ets.org/praxis. Praxis Core is a requirement for all education majors in the state of South Carolina.

For more information contact the Campus Director of CMM, Dr. Rashad Anderson at (803) 536-8490 or at rander29@scsu.edu.

Call Me Mister Application