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Strategic Plan of the South Carolina State University Speech Pathology and Audiology Program

Strategic Goals and Objectives
Speech Pathology and Audiology Program
2018-2021 SCSU Strategic Plan

GOAL 1:  Promote and sustain a Student-Centered-Environment.

  • Maintain student achievement as measured by 90% pass rate on the PRAXIS II.
  • Expand and increase human resources (three faculty and one staff lines) to support student educational and professional development.
  • Maintain accessibility of faculty to students for advisement (e.g., general student meetings and advisement).
  • Increase the enrollment rate of students into the forgivable teacher loan program by 2 students annually.


GOAL 2:  Enhance academic programs and academic support services to meet student and other stakeholder (e.g., individuals in rural and remote areas) needs.

  • Develop a minimum of 2 blended courses by 2014.
  • Develop a minimum of 3 online courses by 2016.
  • Enhance the thesis option as a degree requirement.


GOAL 3:  Strengthen the Program’s Performance through Enhanced Accountability and efficient and effective processes.

  • Implement the use of a student information management system to track/manage clinical competencies and clock hours by 2014.
  • Implement a student information system to track and manage knowledge and skills acquisition by 2014.
  • Manage demographic data for clients and students by 2015.


GOAL 4:  Expand and Increase Program resources to Enhance Fiscal Viability and Growth.

  • Expand and increase viability and growth of the clinic by establishing a computer-based client record keeping system by 2014.
  • Develop a marketing plan to increase diverse client populations across the life span by 2013.
  • Increase participation by the advisory councils in the development of a structured recruitment plan of adult clients by 2013.
  • Increase culturally diverse assessment and management materials by 2012.


GOAL 5:  Foster Partnerships and Collaborations that Support the SPA Program and the Clinic.

  • Increase partnerships with school districts, early childhood centers, and medical facilities by 20% annually.
  • Expand and increase financial resources (e.g., one 1890’s grant and one Title III grant) to support stipends for students who pursue the thesis option by 2015.
  • Expand and increase financial resources (e.g., one 1890’s grant and one Title III grant) to support didactic and clinic resources by 2015.