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Integrated Classroom

The Distance Learning Classrooms, Belcher Hall, Rooms 405 and 406

The Office of Extended Studies (OES) supports the distance learning classrooms on campus, located in Belcher Hall, Rooms 405 and 406. Each room features seating for 30 students and contains technology for course delivery on campus and to various geographical areas. Please note that classes requiring video recording must be scheduled in Belcher Hall, 405. For reservations, please contact (803) 516-4931. The distance learning classrooms include:

* microphones at each seat
* Smartboard® technology
* a documenter for projecting the image of textbook pages and other items
* a computing workstation for PowerPoint ® and software presentations
* three strategically positioned, ceiling-mounted, 36" televisions for instructor and student viewing
* three strategically positioned, ceiling-mounted, cameras for focusing the viewing on the instructor or the class
* an instructor's console that allows control to be passed between the instructor and a support technician
* telephone connections that allow students to "call-in" from remote sites to participate in class discussions
* technician area for communications and technical troubleshooting

AT&T Computer Lab

The Office of Extended Studies (OES) supports the AT&T Computer Lab, a facility that offers a technology setting for conferences, meetings, and training sessions. The lab is equipped with 40 Microsoft Windows-based computers, a variety of software applications, and intelligent presentation technology. The AT&T Computer Lab is located on the SC State campus, in Belcher Hall, Level Three. For reservations, please contact (803) 516-4931.

The Intelligent Classroom

The Office of Extended Studies (OES) supports the Intelligent Classroom, a facility offering a training setting and additional seats for the Assessment Center. The Intelligent classroom includes 25 workstations, a high resolution ceiling mounted LCD projector, intelligent presentation technology such as Smartboard® technology, a documenter, and a variety of applications. The Intelligent Classroom is located in Nance Hall, Lower Level, Room B-115. For reservations, please contact (803) 516-4931.