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Honors Program

The University Honors Program is designed to provide outstanding and creative students with opportunities for intellectual growth and achievement of the highest distinction. The small, challenging classes emphasize critical examination and appraisal of ideas.

At the freshman-sophomore levels, honors classes deal with the fundamentals and principles of subject-matter, to enhance the students' analytical, cognitive, intuitive and critical thinking skills. The classes emphasize in-depth discussion and self-expression.

In the junior and senior years, students in the honors program are expected to experience sustained in-depth work in their majors. Most departments provide for qualified majors to work for graduation with departmental honors.

Academic opportunities offered through the Honors Program provide the best possible education for exceptional students. Opportunities, such as the following, exist for them:

  1. Freshman Honors Colloquium
  2. Departmental Honors
  3. Senior Theses
  4. Graduation with Departmental Honors
  5. The Annual Honors Conference
  6. The University Scholars Program
  7. Honors Residential Housing