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Sports Marketing with SC State


The followers for college sports tend to be more loyal, committed and watch their particular sport, athlete or team with a greater purpose. Thus messages sent by sponsors are received more openly and retained for future purchasing decisions. Using sports as part of your corporation’s marketing strategy creates an effective balance and ideal way to reach a specific target audience.


Why Ethnic Marketing

Armed with $470 billion dollars in buying power, the African-American consumer is willing and able to patronize companies that demonstrate support for the community and events, which are uniquely cultural in nature (i.e. athletics events of HCBU’s). South Carolina ranks third nationally with regards percentage of African-Americans residing in any particular state. In 1997, African-American South Carolinians realized an estimated $13 billion dollars of disposable income.


South Carolina State University athletic events attract a broad spectrum of African-Americans from around the state, region and nation and is the largest producer of African-American graduates in South Carolina. More importantly, as a result of family and community ties, these events attract many African-Americans who have matriculated at other institutions such as Voorhees College, Claflin College, South Carolina, and Clemson University. Because of the University’s unique and extraordinary history, the majority of African-American families in South Carolina have at least one graduate who has matriculated at South Carolina State University either in the pursuit of undergraduate studies or in many of its graduate degree programs.