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Performance Clubs & Organizations

Concert Band
Concert Choir
Henderson Davis Players
Jazz Ensemble
Marching 101 Band

Performing Organizations

The Performing Organizations in the Music Area are composed of a variety of different majors. Approximately 30% of each organization are music majors.

The Concert Choir

The concert choir has been in demand for several decades as a performing group throughout the nation. Wherever the choir has appeared, music critics have praised its choral blend, impeccable diction, rhythmic vitality, and mature, feeling interpretations. The concert choir has performed major works by Handel, Orff, Faure, St. Saens, Verdi, Mahler, Rutter, and Coolridge-Taylor. The Choir has appeared with the Charleston Symphony, the Columbia Philharmonic Orchestra, and most recently, it performed Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and Carmina Burana with the Myrtle Beach Philharmonic Orchestra. The choirs membership consists of voices from all schools and departments of the university. A nucleus is formed from music majors, but the majority is drawn from non-music majors who simply have a talent or an interest in "making beautiful music together". The repertoire of the choir spans the years of music history from the sixteenth century to the present, including music of all types and styles; sacred, secular, folk songs, love songs, play songs, work songs. Special emphasis is placed on the choral music of Black Heritage.

Click here to hear a sample of the Concert Choir.

The Concert Band

The South Carolina State University Concert Band consists of approximately 50 members. The Concert Band Tours throughout the Southeast, performing a variety of standard and contemporary pieces.

The Jazz Ensemble

The South Carolina State University Jazz Ensemble consists of approximately 30 members. It tours the Southeast performing a variety of traditional and contemporary jazz music. The ensemble in past years has been fortunate to perform with such outstanding professional jazz musicians as Clark Terry, Joe Sample, Kenny Barrell, "Dizzy" Gillespie, Max Roach, Johnny Williams, Horace Ott, and many others.

Click here to hear a sample of the Jazz Ensemble.

The Marching 101 Band

The Marching "101" Band of South Carolina State University is known from coast to coast. The members have entertained tens of thousands of spectators at football games throughout the southeast, and millions by way of nationally televised professional football games. They have given spectacular performances in parades and on football fields with a unique type of marching that takes hours of practice to master. They play without music scores, although only 30 percent of the members are music majors. They are in perpetual motion with dance routines and geometric designs while remaining in step and, of course, playing music all the time. The band's name is actually a misnomer. There are approximately 180 members. For many youngsters throughout the state, the band is South Carolina State University. They may not know all the academic opportunities of the institution but they respond to the exciting music of the 101. The band was organized in 1918 as a "regimental band" performing military drills as well as assisting with music in the college Sunday school and other occasions. From 1924 on, a succession of band directors influenced the growth of the band as it became part of the Department of Music program. in 1960, Reginald Thomasson, now deceased, influenced the music presentation with concerts. In the 1940s, the band shared uniforms with the college ROTC and played in military ceremonies as well as college functions. In 1955, the band numbered 45 members and sported its own garnet and blue uniforms. The present director, Eddie Ellis has continued the tradition of fine entertainment, especially at football games. While other college football fans head for the concession stand at half time, followers of the Bulldogs remain seated to enjoy the fine routines of the 101, which are always appropriate for the game. Fans enthusiastically rewarded their excellent performances with applause and cheers.