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First-Year Prerequisites – Stage One

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Students pursuing a degree in teacher education must follow their prescribed “Program of Study” and stages of the Admission and Monitoring Matriculation Process as approved by the Education Council and the College of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences.

A. Enroll in the Appropriate Courses 

  • First-time Students
    • It is highly recommended that all first-time students follow these requirements beginning with the first semester at the University.  Students must follow the prescribed Program of Study. A detailed copy of your Program of Study is in the university’s undergraduate catalog.  You may also secure a copy from the CARE Center’s office.  
  • Transfer Students
    • It is highly recommended that transfer students have a copy of their transcript submitted from the previous school to the Office of Admission for evaluation.
    • Following the Office of Admission’s evaluation, students are to bring a copy of the assessment to the CARE Center for an initial review.
    • The final step is to have the Program Coordinator of the intended major evaluate the transcript for the approval of specific courses in the prescribed Program of Study for the specified area.
    • Enroll in the courses that did not transfer or used as an approved elective.

    ED 206:  Introduction to Education is required for all students.  The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the pre-requisite requirements for admission to a teacher education program.

    • The course instructor will explain the forms list below and have students complete them in the classroom setting, before the end of the semester.  The forms are
      • Academic and Professional Screening
      • Disposition Survey
    • The course instructor is responsible for submitting both forms or data to the CARE Center to be included in the students’ academic file.
    • It is also important for the student to go to the CARE Center to begin their academic file during this semester.
  • Explanation of the Forms:
    • The Academic and Professional Character Screening

      The purpose of this form is to inform prospective candidates of the expected conduct during their interaction with students and the community. Teachers serve as role models, therefore, engaging in illegal behavior or conduct are reasons for revoking or denying certification in the profession of education. Consequently, prospective candidates must be informed that an FBI background check will occur before certification at the beginning of the teacher education program.

    • The Teacher Education Disposition Survey

      The purpose of this form is to introduce prospective candidates of the expected characteristics and temperaments to exhibit at the conclusion of the teacher education program.  Please note that you will complete these forms again before graduation to measure your growth from entry to exit.

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B. Take and pass all parts of the Praxis I Test 

The Praxis I Test is a basic skills proficiency assessment in reading, writing, and mathematics.  It is highly recommended that students register to take all parts of the test during their first year or by the end of the sophomore year. The rationale behind this recommendation is that the test is similar to the high school exit exam, and beyond the first year, students are to extend their basic processing skills in their upper level courses. 

  • The test is offered in two formats: as a paper and pencil (PPST) and a computer- based (CBT) test.
    • Paper-and-pencil skills test -  It is offered six times per academic year.  
    • Computer-based test - It is offered daily with the exception of Sunday.Students are limited to six registrations per academic year. Any violation of this restriction will result in the scores not being reported and fees not being refunded.
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C. Exemption from Praxis I  

A composite score of 1650 on the SAT or 24 on the ACT qualify for an exemption from Praxis I.

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D. Exemption from English Proficiency Examination  

Students who have passed the writing portion of PRAXIS I, before the completion of English 151 are exempted from taking the English Proficiency Examination.  Successful passage of the writing component of the PRAXIS I, which tests grammar, usage, and writing, fulfills the University’s requirement of passing the English Proficiency Examination prior to graduation.  

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E. Waivers 

A limited number of fee waivers are available for students meeting the financial aid eligibility requirements. The waivers are granted on a first-request and first-served basis. Students should download the form from the Educational Testing Services (ETS) website, www.ets.org/Praxis and take it to the Office of Financial Aid to be completed and validated.  Then mail the completed fee waiver form along with your    application to ETS within the time-period given on the application.

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F. The Components of Praxis I 

Test Prep information is also available at the www.ets.org/praxiswebsite.

  • The Reading Test – measures the ability to understand, analyze and evaluate written messages.
    • The test consists of a series of passages followed by forty questions based on the content of the passages for the (PPST) and forty-six questions on the (CBT).
  • The Mathematics Test – measures mathematical skills and concepts.
    • The test consists of multiple-choice questions in five content areas: forty questions on the (PPST), and forty-six questions on the (CBT).  (A calculator is prohibited in the testing site.)
  • The Writing Test – measures the ability to use grammar and language appropriately and to communicate effectively in writing.
    • The test consists of multiple-choice questions, and one essay question: thirty-eight questions on (PPST), and forty-four questions on the (CBT).
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G. Information Needed Before Registering For the Test 

One:   South Carolina State University’s Code:  RA5618.
Two:   The name of the Test and the Code Number for each test

Please use the Table below for the information


Computer Test Code

Paper Test  Code

Passing Score













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H. Registration Options 

  • Paper and Pencil Skills Test (By Mail or Computer)
    • By Mail--Paper Delivered Test
      • Download the form from the ETS Website, www.ets.org/praxis
      • Complete the form- (test code, school code, sessions, fees, test center and date)
      • Enclose a check or money order (US Postal Service Money Order or Debit/Credit Card Information)
      • Verify checking account information - insufficient funds will require an additional $20.00 fee. 
      • An admission ticket will be mailed to you within three weeks from receipt by ETS for processing.  
      • Check for errors, or if misplaced, contact ETS immediately    
      • By calling 1-800-772-9476 or by e-mail: praxis@ets.org
      • For mail-in registrations, if ETS is unable to assign you to a test center within 125 miles of your requested choices, you will be notified of your options.
    • Online Registration-- Paper Delivered Test
      • Online registration is open Monday–Friday, 7 a.m.–1 a.m., Saturday, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday, Eastern Time (New York). Allow 45 minutes for registration.
      • Pay with credit/debit card, e-check, or PayPal. 
      • You must print your admission ticket and bring it with you to the test center.
      • You will not receive a paper admissions ticket by mail.  
      • Online registration is not available for:  test takers with disabilities,   Monday testing, and test takers whose primary language is not English.
  • Telephone Registration (Additional $35.00 fee for this service)
    • Create a Praxis account online, prior to calling
      Paper Delivered Testing 
      Contact ETS by the extended registration deadline for your desired date.  Phone registration for Monday testing is available until Monday test deadline--(8/30/12, 10/11/12, 1/3/13, 3/21/13, 5/16/13, and 6/27/13).
      Computer Delivered Testing
      • Contact ETS at least three full days prior to your desired test date.
      • Pay with a credit/debit card: American Express, Discover Network, JCB and Mastercard
      • Call ETS at 1-800-772-9476 Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 7:45 pm
  • Registration for the Computer Based Test
    • You must register at least three full days prior to your desired test date. See www.ets.org/praxis/register/computerfor more information on computer-delivered test availability.


    • Pay with credit/debit card, e-check, or PayPal. 
    • You will not receive a paper admissions ticket by mail.
    • This form can be downloaded from the Praxis website at www.ets.org/praxis/about/bulletin. Please allow three (3) weeks from receipt by ETS for processing.
    • After you receive the voucher in the mail, you mustschedule your test appointment online, using thevoucher number sent to you. The voucher must be usedwithin ninety (90) days from the date indicated on the voucher.
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I. Options for Special Accommodations Registration  

  • Please go to www.ets.org/praxis/about/bulletin: to download a Bulletin to  validate all requirements or additions to policies regarding Special Accommodation Options.

  • Monday Testing – (Paper Delivered Test ONLY)
    (Religious and Military Reasons)
    • Mail your registration form, fees and a letter of validation from your cleric on letterhead stationary or a copy of military duties
    • Submitted before the Monday deadline listed in the test schedule  
    • Leave the code number blank in the Test Center section, but indicate the city and state
    • You will be assigned to the closest available center within 125 miles of location
    • Please see schedule for Monday Testing
  • If Primary Language is Not English (Paper Delivered and Computer  Delivered Tests are Available)
    • Copy of Certificate of Documentation with appropriate signatures or notarized
    • A completed Eligibility Form for Test Takers whose Primary Language Is Not English
    • A completed registration form for the Paper Delivered Test or Computer Delivered Test Authorization Voucher Request Form and appropriate fees
    • Submit all materials together, and check the top of the form to indicate you are requesting special accommodations.
    • Submit in a timely manner, before the deadline to allow time for verification.
    •  Please check schedule for Extended Testing Times
  • Test Takers with Disabilities or Health Related Needs

    Visit the ETS website at www.ets.org/disabilities to view the types of disabilities accommodation procedures and to receive a copy of the Bulletin Supplement.

    For Paper Delivered Testing
    When you receive your authorization letter, you are registered. The authorization letter will identify the testing location and test administrator. If the testing center cannot accommodate your request on the scheduled testing date, you will be contacted by the test administrator to arrange an alternate date.

    For Computer-Based Testing (CBT) and Internet-Based Testing (iBT)
    The authorization letter will include instructions that you must follow to schedule your test. Do not schedule a CBT or iBT test until you receive your authorization letter.  When scheduling your test, be prepared to provide the authorization/voucher number and information contained in the letter.

    Alternate-Format Testing
    A representative from ETS Disability Services will contact you to confirm the accommodations approved for you and to schedule your test.

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J. Computer-Based Testing Centers 

Prometric Testing Center -- 5102
1954 Ashley River Road, Suite G, Charleston, SC 29407

University of South Carolina - 7706
Orientation and Testing Office
Corner of Greene Street & Bull Street
345 Russell House, Columbia, SC 29208

Prometric Testing Center – 0049
121 Executive Center Drive, Suite 144
Synergy Business Park, Congaree Bldg., Columbia, SC 29210

Coastal Carolina University - 7749
2431 Highway 501 East, Suite F, Conway, SC 29526


Prometric Testing Center – 5170
2141 C Hoffmeyer Road, West Gate Office Park, Florence, SC 29501

Prometric Testing Center – 2100
10 Enterprise Blvd., Suite 100, Greenville, SC 29615


North Augusta
Prometric Testing Center – 5142
339 West Avenue, North Augusta, SC 29841

Rock Hill
Prometric Testing Center
232 Cherry Road, Suite 130A, Rock Hill, SC 29730


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K. Retest Policy 

You may only take the Praxis I computer-based test once per calendar month and no more than 6 times within a 12-month period. See the Praxis™ Information Bulletin (PDF) for complete policies.

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L. Test and Service Fees 

Praxis I--Test Fees
Computer-delivered Tests
The computer-delivered Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Tests (PPST) in Reading, Mathematics and Writing are given by appointment year-round, based on test center availability. They can be taken as separate tests or as a combined test in a single testing session.

Number of Tests


1 Test


2 Tests--registered for at the same time


Combined Test (All three parts)


Computer-delivered Praxis tests are by appointment. Please see computer-delivered test availability for more information. The testing sessions for the computer-delivered tests are longer than the actual durations of the tests themselves. Please arrive at the test center 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Your test appointment includes approximately 30 extra minutes to allow time for tutorials prior to beginning your test. See the table below for the actual durations of the tests.




Praxis I: Reading


1 hour

Praxis I: Mathematics


1 hour

Praxis I: Writing


1 hour

Praxis I: Combined Test


4.5 hours

Paper-delivered Tests
The paper-delivered Praxis I Reading test and Praxis I Mathematics test are offered in Session 1. Praxis I Writing is offered in Session 2. You may take all three tests in one day.




Praxis I: Reading (Session 1 only)


1 hour

Praxis I: Mathematics (Session 1 only)


1 hour

Praxis I: Writing (Session 2 only)


1 hour

Special Service Fees



Extended registration (paper-delivered tests)


Change to test, test center or test date


Emergency registration (paper-delivered tests)


Phone registration


Scores by phone

$30 per request

Additional score reports

$40 per report

Score Verification Fees

                                        Test Format


Multiple-choice (MC)


Constructed-response (CR)


Combined multiple-choice and constructed-response (MC/CR)


Teaching Foundations


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