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Letter From The Director

Dear Prospective Teacher Educator,

The Department of Education is delighted that you have made the first steps toward your goal of becoming a teacher in one of the content-areas as your chosen profession.  As a prospective teacher educator, you are aspiring to become a change agent in the quality of life for members in every aspect of society.  The profession encourages and assists them to become life-long learners, creates a desire to remain current on issues that affect their lives, and as contributing members of society.

The Centralized Advisement Retention and Evaluation (CARE) Center serves as the centralized advising unit for the Department of Education. Therefore, your journey begins with the CARE Center with advising and the preparation of a schedule for your first year at the University. The process is essential for first-year students and all transfer students. In addition, your academic records are stored in the CARE Center, and the assignment of an advisor is based on your choice of content areas. Therefore, the goal of the CARE Center is to assist students with their empowerment skills to become active participants in the advising and monitoring process that leads towards goal attainment.

The Department of Education offers seventeen majors that include 122-127 credit hours of course work for the completion of a degree in your preferred major area of study. In addition, students are required to complete a series of applied and structured practicum, internship experiences, successfully pass Praxis I, Praxis II, and the Professional Learning Theories (PLT) assessments, prior to graduation. We can boast that 100% of our students graduate from our area with certification to begin their goal as teacher educators.

We have prepared an Informational Booklet to explain the process for your perusal and to outline the initial steps for the Admission and Monitoring Matriculation Process.  We ask that students utilize the information provided and maintain a personal file to document your progress towards goal attainment: becoming a teacher educator. We encourage you to visit the CARE Center (220 Turner Hall, D-Wing), and we look forward to working with you, and developing a partnership to achieve your goal, “admission to a teacher education program.” If there are questions or concerns, please contact us at (803- 533-3960), or e-mail the director at (djenki18@scsu.edu) or the Student Service Coordinator at (jvoid1@scsu.edu).

Dr. Delphine Gillard, Center Coordinator
Ms. Jeannette S. Void, Student Services Coordinator 1
220 Turner Hall, D-Wing