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Overview of the CARE Center

The Centralized Advisement, Retention and Evaluation (CARE) Center serves as the Department of Teacher Education’s centralized information and resource center for prospective education majors. The Center provide students with information regarding curriculum requirements; maintains students’ academic files; monitors academic progress; and communicate with students on a continuous basis regarding their status for admission to a teacher education program.  In addition, the CARE Center assigns all students an advisor/mentor with expertise in their area of study to assist and guide them through the prescribed stages of the Admission and Monitoring Process.

Goals of the CARE Center

  • Empower students to make informed decisions and academic choices about their proposed area of study

  • Assist students with their academic advisement procedures, adherence, and interpretation of department or university-wide academic policies and procedures

  • Assign students an advisor with expertise in their Program of Study (prescribed courses)

  • Assist students with their registration processes to ensure successful matriculation

  • Assist students with their registration and provide clarity for Praxis I Test

  • Conduct informational sessions within the university and per request from content-specific areas

  • Interpret state and national mandates for initial teacher requirements to ensure successful matriculation
    • Maintain data on the following:
    • The number of  students admitted to a teacher education program per semester
    • The number of students, who  transfer within or into the department, and  out of teacher education
    • The number of students files within teacher education by program

  • Coordinate the Writing and Interview Assessments for the completion of Stage One of the Admission and Monitoring Process
    • Monitor the Writing Assessment of the Admission Process
    • Schedule the Interview Assessment the Admission Process

  • Transfer students completed files are forwarded to the Office of Clinical Experiences, Evaluation and Certification (CEEC) to prepare for student teaching