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Shaun Boucher
Adaptive Technology
April 9, 2009

Shirley Madison
Assisting Students with Visual Disabilities
July 8, 2009

Tammara Thomas
The Effects of Substance Abuse of the Student Population
June 29, 2009

Charlotte Hamilton
Factors Affecting College and Graduate Students Who Experience Psychological Distress
August 25, 2009

Pandora Jones-Glover
Disability Law and Higher Education
August 27, 2009

Bridget Hollis-Staten
Assisting Students with Learning Disabilities
August 31, 2009

Chaddrick Middleton
Assisting Veterans in the Post Secondary Educational Setting
September 14, 2009

Dr. Edith Jones
The Nervous System:  Development, Learning and Disabilities
September 21, 2009

Dr. Cherilyn L. Taylor
Services provided by the Office of Student Disability Services
September 28, 2009

George Hamilton
Domestic Violence Involving Students with Disabilities
September 28, 2009


Office of Student Disability Services  http://www.scsu.edu/studentaffairs/officeofdisabledstudentservices.aspx