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Electrical Engineering Technology

The Electrical Engineering Technology (EET) program offers a strong undergraduate curriculum with the mission of providing an opportunity to acquire high degree of proficiency in mathematics, physical sciences, and engineering technology in a supportive, interdisciplinary environment that prepares them for successful careers in industry, government, and academia. The analytical and problem-solving skill, and proficiency in the use of techniques and tools that implement these skills are stressed throughout the curriculum by incorporating the use of state-of-the- art laboratory facilities and computer-based tools. A capstone design experience in the senior year provides the opportunity to integrate design, analytical, and problem solving skills along with communication skills in a team environment which emulates electrical engineering practice. The EET program is designed to prepare students to work in the broad fields of electronics, communications, control systems, robotics, computer technology, and power systems as well as pursue higher studies in the field. This program is aimed at high school graduates, non-traditional students, and transfer students from other colleges seeking an application-oriented four-year technical education. Internship and co-op experiences are encouraged as vehicles for enhancing students’ communication and interpersonal skills, in addition to establishing awareness of industry practice and technical development. The overall program provides an integrated educational experience and training to maintain professional competency through life-long learning.

During the first two years, emphasis is placed upon establishing competence in mathematics, basic sciences, and fundamental electrical engineering technology topics while the Junior and Senior years they are devoted primarily to a balanced offering of courses in the technical specialty that gives breadth to their professional knowledge.

The Electrical Engineering Technology Program is accredited by the Engineering Technology Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org.

EET Curriculum

Undergraduate Catalog 2016-2018 Addendum: Engineering Technology Curricula

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