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Enrollment Management

Enrollment Management maintains as its primary mission the planning, implementation, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of a comprehensive enrollment management plan that fosters collaboration and promotes team work in the achievement of an academically enriched increased student population.

The goals of Enrollment Management are (1) in conjunction with the Enrollment Management Team increase the student population at the University to 6000 students by the year 2014, (2) increase the academic quality (Life, Hope, National Merit, National Achievement Scholars, Palmetto Fellows and Valedictorians and Salutatorians) of the students at the University, (3) increase the diversity of the student population at the University, (4) support the Office of Student Success and Retention in a comprehensive retention program that starts with the recruitment process and (5) to support accessibility to undergraduate and graduate degree programs.

Enrollment Management is divided into two units – Enrollment Support Services and Academic Readiness Services.  The Enrollment Services unit establishes, directs and oversees all recruitment, admission and enrollment services, financial aid policies and procedures, student registration, and maintenance of all student academic records, in compliance with SACS, state and federal regulations.  The Enrollment Support Services unit is comprised of the following; the Office of Admissions, Recruitment and Scholarships, the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Office of Financial Aid. The Academic Readiness Services unit is responsible for the planning, coordinating and supervising of entrance and academic related experiences for first-time freshmen, transfer and international students.  These support activities are designed (1) to increase student retention, (2) to promote a smooth transition from high school to the University, (3) to promote a smooth transition of student transferring to our institution and (4) to promote a smooth transition for our international student to the University while ensuring compliance of federal regulations governing international students. The Academic Support Services unit is comprised of the Office of Student Readiness.