“Celebrating Musical Giants: Keiko Abe, James Brown, Ney Rosauro, Mark Ford, and others”

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Department of Visual & Performing Arts presents the South Carolina State University Percussion Ensemble Spring Concert entitled “Celebrating Musical Giants: Keiko Abe, James Brown, Ney Rosauro, Mark Ford, and others” Tuesday May 6, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. in the Barbara A. Vaughann Recital Hall in the Fine Arts Center. The concert will be percussive, vocal, dramatic, and powerful. James Orlick is the founder and conductor/director of the ensemble.

The concert is a multi-disciplinary collaboration featuring Prof. Stephen Crall, imaging director, Dr. Rubén Silvestry, poetic reading, scholarly contributions by Prof. Ellen Zisholtz, director of the I.P. Stanback Museum and Planetarium, vocal artist Sherman Brown, and dancer, Shannon Blair.

The concert will feature percussionist James Orlick performing the Concerto for Marimba and Percussion Ensemble by Brazilian Composer Ney Rosauro. The concert will showcase the dynamic marimba compositions of Japanese composer Keiko Abe, a world percussion work by Mark Ford, and a theatrical body percussion work by Chris Crockarell.

The second half of concert will pay tribute to the powerful vocal artist, song-writer, and bandleader Mr. James Brown. Also referred to as “the hardest working man in show business” and “The Godfather of Soul”. There will be a special appearance by vocal artist Sherman Brown and others.

“This is one of the most ambitious projects I have been apart of and it is the most rewarding and exciting,” says Orlick. “This concert embraces all aspects of the Visual and Performing Arts and the Spanish Program in a celebration of life through the visual studies of various seminal performing artists whose lives will be celebrated.

The concert is a multi-cultural experience of world music from Brazil, Mexico, and Japan that stops in the United States for a celebration of the legend James Brown,” states Orlick.

The concert is free and the community is encouraged to attend. For more information please contact James Orlick, jorlick@scsu.edu or by phone 803-526-7124.

About the South Carolina State Percussion Ensemble
Members of the South Carolina State Percussion Ensemble major in a wide variety of disciplines in various colleges at SC State.

The SC State Percussion Studio Percussion Ensemble, directed and conducted by James Orlick, focuses its' repertoire on the seminal works of the 20/21st centuries. Although a relatively new art form, the percussion ensemble repertoire spans nearly 100 years. From the powerful works of iconoclast Edgar Varese to his modern day counterpart, Frank Zappa, to the cutting edge compositional styles of Philip Glass. The SC State Percussion Studio Ensemble explores the entire range of styles and mediums, including world music. Finally, the Percussion Studio Ensemble is a rich venue in which SC State student and faculty composers' works are performed. Important theatrical/percussion works by such composers as Stockhuasen, Kagal, Henze and other influential composers of our time are also presented.

The SC State Percussion Ensemble presents one major concert each semester. Repertoire is far ranging including percussion ensemble classics, world premiers, experimental, world music, commercial, with film, with dance, painterly, and with mixed ensembles.

James Orlick (Composer/Percussionist) holds a Master of Arts Degree in Percussion and Film Composition from New York University and a bachelor of arts from Concord University in Percussion Performance and Composition, with a minor in Sociology.

Orlick has composed over forty works, ranging from symphonies, chamber music for percussion as well as strings, and electronic works.

He appears on thirty-seven professional recordings, including Equilibrium Records, and on three DVDs. He performed in the following NYU Ensembles: Film Orchestra (records film cues), Percussion Chamber Ensemble, Symphony and Community Orchestras, Steel Pan Ensemble, and World Drum Ensembles. Orlick also performs countless percussion recitals throughout the U.S.

Orlick performs percussion with the Long Bay Symphony Orchestra in Myrtle Beach South Carolina.

His music articles can be seen in the international Percussive Arts Society Magazine, the New York State Percussive Arts Society Magazine, the Pearl Drum Cooperation Educator's News, and Pro-Mark Drum Cooperation Educator's News.

He is the "Produzione nel Palco" (Production Manager) for the Grammy nominated Harmonie Symphony Orchestra of New York City. It has won numerous awards, including the Lincoln Center Community Arts Project Award, and the WQXR Action for the Arts Award. The Aaron Copland Concert was broadcasted nationally on PBS-TV, and featured in the film Copland, A Self-Portrait.

Orlick is a composer in The Society of Composers and Lyricists, Beverly Hills, California. Such Performance Premieres: Commissioned by The Korean Government and broadcasted live from Loewe Theatre to Korea with Dancers; Soloist in "The Past is in the Present" composed and directed by Gunther Schuller, Pulitzer Prize; Composition Commissions: commissioned to arrange 'Prelude to End Game' by Philip Glass. It was premiered November 2006 in Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas; commissioned by Jonathan Haas to compose a electronic version of 'Prelude to End Game' by Philip Glass which was premiered in Paris, France and Riga, Latvia in November 2006.; commissioned by Philip Glass to arrange live version of Philip Glass' "Powaqqatsi"; Commissioned by the Aspen Music Festival to Orchestra a Duke Ellington Concert for Summer 2007 Season and a Philip Glass Celebration Concert; commissioned by Helen Turley to compose an Opera "Tomorrow, I am John". Orlick is also responsible for the commissioning of five new percussion works in which he commissioned percussionists from the New York Philharmonic and Broadway percussion and was subsequently premiered. Orlick was recently commissioned, by Artist-faculty of the Aspen Music Festival in Aspen, Colorado to orchestrate the summer 2007 Percussion Concert Series, which includes two seminal concerts at the Harris Concert Hall in Aspen, Co. The concert will include a Philip Glass Concert: A Multi-Media Sonic Celebration, live with film and a Duke Ellington Concert.

On May 10 2008, Orlick’s Reverie for 8 timpani and electronics will be premiered at the Juilliard School of Music in New York City; it has been a two-year collaboration.

Orlick teaches percussive studies and Music Appreciation at SC State.