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Employee Policies and Procedures Manual


Employee Policies and Procedures Manual

i   Introduction

Office of Human Resource Management Administration

Notification of Personnel Policies and Procedures Manuals and Manual Change Notices

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I   Recruitment & Employment

Sources of Applicants for Staff (Non-Faculty) Positions

Categories of Positions

To Establish and Fill a New Permanent Classified Position

To Refill an Existing Classified Position

To Reclassify and Fill a Vacant Classified FTE Position

To Reclassify a Filled Classified FTE Position

To Establish and Fill a New Unclassified FTE Position

To Refill an Existing Unclassified FTE Position

To Establish and Fill a Temporary (Non-Student) Position

To Establish and Fill a Student Temporary Position

To Fill a Temporary Grant Position


Probationary/Trial Period


Criminal History, Credit, Driver’s License and/or Comprehensive Background Check

Authorization for Employment in the United States

Disclosure of Applicant Information

Post-TERI and Post-Retirement Employment

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II   FLSA & Classification and Compensation Administration

Standard Official Work Schedule for Permanent Full-Time Staff Employees

Official South Carolina State University Workweek

Rest Periods

Overtime/Compensatory Time

Flexible Work Schedules

On Call and Call Back Pay

Minimum Age Provisions

FLSA Exemptions (Executive, Administrative and Professional Employees)

Records Required

Classification and Compensation: Classification Plan

Classification and Compensation: Pay Plan

Temporary Classification Plan

Summer Compensation for Academic Personnel

Dual Employment

Supplemental Salary Approval and Reporting

Performance Based Pay

Bonus Program

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III   Method of Compensation

New Hire Compensation


Payroll Processes

Insurance and Retirement Contributions During Approved Leave of Absence

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IV   Holidays and Leave

General Policies

Holiday Guidelines

Annual Leave

Sick Leave

Employee Leave Transfer Program

Other Leave With Pay – Court Leave

Other Leave With Pay - Voting

Other Leave With Pay - Short-Term Military Training

Other Leave With Pay - Death in Immediate Family

Other Leave With Pay - Volunteer Blood Drives

Other Leave With Pay - Bone Marrow Donors

Other Leave With Pay - State Employee Grievances and Appeals

Hazardous Weather and Emergency Conditions Leave

Leave of Absence Without Pay

Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Guidelines

Unauthorized Absence

American Red Cross Certified Disaster Service Leave

Educational Leave

Organ Donor Leave

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V   Employee Services and Benefits


Service Retirement

Disability Retirement

Optional Retirement

Retirement - Creditable Service

Workers’ Compensation

Tuition Assistance

South Carolina State Health Insurance Program

Dental Insurance Program


Life Insurance

United States Savings Bonds

Deferred Compensation

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VI   Employee Development and Assistance Programs

Orientation of New Employees

Staff Employee of the Year Program

Employee Service Award Program

Professional Development and Training

Employee Assistance Program

Adoption Assistance Program

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VII   Employee Relations

Affirmative Action/Diversity Enhancement Policy

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

Employee Conduct

Ethical Conduct

Official Information

Dress Code

Telephone Use

Use of Equipment, Supplies and State Records

Solicitation and Distribution

Political Activities of Employees

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Drug and Alcohol Policy for Campus Police Officers

Smoke Free Policy

Missing Funds/Missing Property

Employee Performance Management System (EPMS)

Sexual Harassment

Progressive Discipline Policy

Reduction In Force

Non-Faculty Employee Grievance Procedures

Workplace Violence

Equal Employment Non-Discrimination Policy

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VIII   Personnel Records

Freedom of Information

Official Personnel Records

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IX   Separation




Terminal Pay

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