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For Your Safety

  1. Do not smoke in-doors, especially in bed or while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  2. Locate fire exits from your unit or floor and be familiar with your buildings evacuation plan.
  3. Count the number of doors to the nearest exit, and check for any possible obstructions.
  4. Locate the fire alarm pull stations or emergency call boxes nearest your unit.
  5. Locate the nearest fire extinguisher.
  6. Check any windows to see if they can be opened; if so determine how they open.
  7. Remember to always know a way out.
  8. Keep workspaces free of any combustible trash or debris.
  9. Never block, chock, or otherwise force a fire door to stay in the open position for any reason. If unsure if a door is a “fire door,” contact the campus Fire Marshal.
  10. Do not obstruct free access to fire-fighting equipment.
  11. Store flammable liquids in appropriate containers or cabinets designed for such use.
  12. Maintain at least eighteen (18) inches of clear space under and around all sprinkler heads.