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UCITS recommends that anyone on Office365 who wishes to check their email in one place use this feature.

This is how you can change your forwarding preferences:

  1. Log into your email account at login.microsoftonline.com
  2. Click on the Mail tile
  3. Click on the Settings gear in the upper right-hand of your screen. The Setting pane should appear.
  4. Under My app settings - Click Mail.
  5. On the left-hand side of your screen under Mail - Expand Accounts
  6. Click "Forwarding"
  7. Under the "Forwarding" heading, you can choose to forward your email to a personal email account
  8. You have the option to keep a copy of all forwarded messages in your Office365 account. Note: if you do not select this, nothing sent to your username@scsu.edu email account will be saved in your university mailbox
  9. Select "Start forwarding," and from that point on anything sent to your username@scsu.edu email account will be forwarded to the email address you entered.
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OneNote is comprised of notebook pages, which can be placed in OneNote notebooks. The data will be synced to the cloud automatically.

  1. Setting up OneNote for the first time
    • Log into Office 365 https://login.microsoftonline.com/
    • Select the OneNote online app from the list of apps.

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    • You should now be at the OneNote online welcome screen

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    • You will be promted to either select Teacher or Student. Below those two options select “No thanks, just give me a blank notebook”.

  2. Creating Sections in Microsoft OneNote

  3. Just like a physical notebook, OneNote can be divided into sections to organize page of info.

    • Click + Section on the left side of the screen
    • Type a name for your section
    • Press ok
    • At the top of the OneNote page above the date is a line to enter the title of the current page.

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  4. Add or Move Notebook Pages
    • To add a page to your notebook, select the + Page button on the left side of the screen.
    • To change the order of a page in your notebook, drag and drop the page tab on the left side of the screen.

  5. How to Enter Notes into your notebook
    • By default, OneNote allows you to type text just like in other Microsoft Office programs. Select where the text will go and start typing.

  6. Tag and Prioritize Notes
    • Select Home
    • Tags drop-down
    • Choose from popular tags. For example, select Home > tags > To-do Flag.

  7. Include Images, Documents, Audio, Video, and More
    • To insert an image, select Insert – Picture or Online Pictures.
    • You can also insert files from a word processor, spreadsheet, or presentation. Inserted files appear as clickable icons. Select Insert - File Attachment - Choose your file(s) - Insert.

  1. Open Banner and in the box located near Go to type in TSRCBIL (hit enter)

  2. After hitting enter you should be on the GJAPCTL form. Hit next block and any information saved from the previous run will populate. If not, you will have to add your printer and special print parameter (only used when printing to a Form Fusion Form).

  3. Hit next block and any information saved from Previous runs will populate. If not, the parameter fields will populate (LEFT), and you’ll enter the values (RIGHT).

  4. To enter the values for each parameter number, click your cursor in the box under values beside the parameter you wish to enter. Once you are in the box near the parameter, click the down arrow located at the top under Values. This will give you a list of values suited for that particular parameter.
    • For example, Parameter 1 is Term. If I click the down arrow it will provide me with terms designated in the Banner System. Once you’ve identified your value, double click on it and it will return you to the GJAPCTL form with the parameter value populated. Do this for all parameters that are required

  5. Once your parameters are complete, you can save the parameter set under the Submission window. Save the parameter set by clicking in the box next to Save Parameter set and give it a name and description. Once this is complete, click the hold button, then save. Your job should execute and your parameter set should be saved for future runs.

  1. Send an email with the complaint to helpme@scsu.edu.
  2. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address. The confirmation will have a ticket number.
  3. Another email will be sent to you when a technician has been assigned to the case with the ticket number.
  4. Once the issue has been resolved by the technician, another email will be sent to you with options for you to accept or reject the resolution.
  5. If you accept the resolution, you will be asked to rate the service.
  6. If you reject the resolution, you will be prompted to provide an explanation. The technician will be reassigned to the complaint until it is resolved.

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