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Planning at SC State University serves as a roadmap for keeping the University on course for realizing its vision. SC State engages in continuous planning and evaluation through regular updates and reviews of the strategic plan and accountability reports. Providing updates on the performance of the University demonstrates the level of accountability and efficiency in which the University operates, manages its resources, and meets the needs of its students and the community. In order to achieve the goals and objectives of the university’s strategic plan, the entire university is involved in the process. This is accomplished by personnel within the various administrative units, as listed on the university’s Organizational Chart, as well as their participation on University-Wide Committees that have been created to ensure that faculty and staff are engaged in the decision-making processes of the university. Annual reports from each division provides data that is incorporated into the annual strategic plan and accountability reports discussed below.

Strategic Plans and Reports

The University’s strategic plan identifies the vision, goals and objectives of the administration in five-year intervals. Once implemented, regular updates on the progress in meeting the goals and objectives, as well as providing necessary adjustments, are provided to the Board of Trustees, administrators and unit heads. The link above includes copies of past and current strategic plans and annual progress reports.

Accountability Reports

The Accountability Report is a report required by the South Carolina Budget Office. It demonstrates the level of efficiency in which the University operates, manages its resources and meets the needs of its students and the community. Prior to the 2013/14 fiscal period the Accountability Report format, provided by the South Carolina Budget Office, was based on the Malcolm Baldrige performance excellence criteria. Beginning with the 2013/14 report cycle, the format focuses on each institution’s strategic plan and the accomplishments of its goals and objectives. Copies of SC State University’s reports are located on the link above and on the South Carolina State Budget Office website along with reports from other state agencies.