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Description and Purpose of LiveText

LiveTextLiveText is an assessment and accreditation management system with data collection capabilities that is accessible through the internet.  Teacher candidates are able to create and design course assignments, projects, lesson plans, and portfolios to show their teaching abilities and clinical experiences, and the Department of Education is able to generate and review data to prove that students are able to do what they are supposed to do to become teachers.


Unlike Blackboard, which manages course documents and allows teacher candidates to upload completed work, LiveText allows teacher candidates to complete some of their course assignments, projects, and portfolios online.  Additionally, many projects and assignments will be completed using fill-in-the-blank templates to guide teacher candidates in meeting the requirements of the assignment or project.  Once the assignments are completed online, teacher candidates can submit their work directly to their professors, who grade and comment on their work online via LiveText and return the work electronically via LiveText (not email or Blackboard) to the teacher candidate.  Best of all, if a teacher candidate's computer experiences technological problems while completing an assignment in LiveText, the work is not lost and can be restored to the teacher candidate's computer with a call to LiveText support providing the date and time the assignment was in progress when the problem occurred.

Professors in the Department of Education begin LiveText use during the Fall of 2010. 

From all of the teacher candidate work completed in the LiveText system, the Department of Education will select certain assignments or projects in particular courses from which to gather data to assess the quality of our degree programs, courses, and teacher candidates.  Some of this data will be extracted from course assignments and their corresponding grades.  The Department of Education will also be collecting data at various intervals on the knowledge, skills, dispositions, and professional growth of our teacher candidates as they progress through their degree programs.  To monitor a teacher candidate's growth, the Department of Education will implement the Candidate Observation, Research, and Evaluation (CORE) system.  CORE rubrics will be designed to measure a teacher candidate's knowledge, skills, dispositions, and professional growth, but will not affect course grades.  Finally, a third set of data will be available through the SC State BANNER system with assistance from UCITS, and the Office of Institutional Research, on our teacher candidates (grade point averages, course grades, Praxis scores, etc.), will also be used to assess the quality and effectiveness of education courses, programs, and teacher candidates.

Using the data capabilities of LiveText and BANNER the Department of Education will create reports from both systems that will extend from completed teacher candidate work, and the CORE data in LiveText to assess the quality of our degree programs, courses, and teacher candidates.  The Department of Education faculty will review these data reports and make data-driven decisions for program and course improvements.  Individual professors will also be able to create reports based on assignments created, completed, and graded online via the LiveText system to monitor and improve their own instruction.

SC State Department of Education gratefully acknowledges the use of some materials from the Francis Marion University website, and the assistance of Ms. Nancy C. Townsend