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SC State University and Midlands Technical College Bulldog Bridge Program


Bulldog Bridge Program

The Bulldog Bridge Program is designed to enhance the successful transfer of students with associate degrees from Midlands Technical College to South Carolina State University to earn their baccalaureate degrees. 
Students in the Bulldog Bridge Program begin their academic studies at MTC. These students will undergo a seamless transfer process to SCSU in junior status after earning their associate degree at MTC.  During their enrollment at MTC, these students in the Midlands Technical College to SC State University Bulldog Bridge Program will receive structured advisement, an array of support services and college engagement activities that are designed to promote successful student transfer.

Bulldog Bridge Advantages
  • Personalized student advising by MTC and SCSU advisors.
  • Sessions specifically designed for Bulldog Bridge Program students to address their academic and career success.
  • Access to career services.
  • A 50 percent discount on the SC State activity fee, which allows the Bulldog Bridge Program students to be eligible for an SC State University ID.  By paying a nominal fee, students will be eligible for SCSU campus activities, including athletic events, commuter parking and campus meal plans.
  • The opportunity to be matched with a transfer student mentor or academic program coordinator the semester before entering SCSU to answer questions as the student prepares for his/her transition to the University.

The following majors are available to Bulldog Bridge Program students who intend to complete their bachelor’s degrees at SC State University.

For more information about the Bulldog Bridge Program, please contact Dr. Matthew Guah, special assistant to the provost at mguah@scsu.edu, or call (803) 536-7180.