Music Industry Senior Sheds Light on Blooming Acting and Music Career

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Lacyona Muldrow, also known as Lace “The Hands” Marie, is a senior music industry major from Florence, South Carolina. She became passionate about playing the drums at a very young age and her love for music continues to flourish.

Laceyona MuldrowAs early as two years old, Muldrow began drumming rhythms on her grandmother’s pots and pans. Recognizing her granddaughter’s talent, Muldrow’s grandmother purchased the tot’s first drum set at the age of four. She gifted young Muldrow the set just before she passed.

Muldrow said she will always cherish her grandmother’s love for her and the faith that she had in her granddaughter’s passion. Her parents would later purchase her first real drum set one year later, when she was five years old.

Growing up, she continued her musical talents, starting the first drumline for her elementary school and played throughout middle and high school. In college, Muldrow became a member of SC State’s infamous Marching 101 band as a snare percussionist.

Her expertise on the snare drum spread quickly on the campus, thus the moniker “The Hands” was given to her by her peers.

She is currently a student percussion assistant to instructor, Marcus McClunney, and teaches students within the percussion section of the band.

Being a member of Marching 101 and studying music industry at SC State has improved Muldrow’s musical knowledge and skill, ultimately leading her to many opportunities within the entertainment industry.

Muldrow has performed as a stunt double for leading actress, Alexandra Shipp, in VH1’s “Drumline: A New Beat” in 2014. Showcasing her remarkable talent as a drummer, Muldrow created her own solo pieces for the movie.

She will also appear in BET’s new television series, “The Quad” on Feb. 1, also as a percussionist. The show focuses on the many aspects of attending a historically black college or university.

Muldrow stated, “It’s all still so surreal to me and it will be forever.”

“I’m just a girl from a small town. Opportunities such as this just don’t come around often,” she continued.

Muldrow, who also sings, writes songs, and produces, wishes to gain more exposure within the music industry as well.

She said, “Oftentimes, people don’t get to see my other musical abilities, and I want to change that.”

“Not only do I desire to make it in the entertainment business for my family and myself, but I want to be blessed, so that I can come back and bless others,” Muldrow continued.

As a driven artist, Muldrow’s dream is to let others know that they can, too, prove their doubters wrong. As she continues to pursue her dreams, Muldrow hopes to bring others along with her.

Muldrow explained, “Not many talented people from South Carolina receive the recognition they deserve, but my goal is to achieve a different reality and help as many people as I can in the process.”

Upon graduation, Muldrow plans to continue her path toward success as an actor and an artist. She wishes to maintain the ever-growing support of her Bulldog family as well.