University Implements Alternate Grading Policy during Pandemic

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

University officials have implemented an alternate grading policy, due to the changes in instruction that may have caused challenges with academic performance during the COVID-19 pandemic. The alternate grading policy states the following:

  • All courses will be graded with standard “A” to “F” letter grades by instructors. The earned grade will be applied. Faculty will submit grades by the required dates on the academic calendar including the early submission dates for graduating seniors.
  • During a three-day period set by the Provost, students may opt to select an alternate “HS” or “HU” grade instead of the standard letter grades.
  • The “HS” grade is a satisfactory grade equivalent to “A” to “C” grades and does not impact the GPA. Credits associated with the “HS” grade count towards attempted and earned hours.
  • The “HU” grade is an unsatisfactory grade equivalent to “D” to “F” grades, including “WF” grades, and does not impact the GPA. Credits associated with the “HU” grade count toward attempted hours only but not earned hours.
  • Students can select an alternate grade for one or for all courses attempted during the Academic Recovery Semester, including those courses for which they received “WF” grades but not “WP” and Incomplete grades. Students should think carefully before selecting the “HS” grade because the standard “A” to “C” grades are already passing grades and will most likely have a positive impact on the GPA.
  • Students cannot rescind their decisions once they select the alternate grade for a course; the decision is permanent. The Grade Appeal Policy cannot be invoked for “HS” and “HU” grades selected by students.
  • Students whose graduation date is within the Academic Recovery Semester are advised not to select “HU” grades for courses that are required for degree completion since credits for those courses will not be counted as earned hours.
  • Students who receive the standard “D” letter grade for courses, should think very carefully before selecting the alternate “HU” grade for those courses because in certain cases, such as for some General Education Curriculum courses and free electives courses outside the student’s major curriculum, a “D” grade satisfies degree completion requirements.
  • A note will be placed on the transcripts of all students who enrolled in courses during the Academic Recovery Semester to indicate the emergency that created the situation which challenged all students to adapt quickly to remote learning.

Students are strongly encouraged to confer with their academic advisors, department chairpersons, deans, athletic director, and financial aid counselors before taking advantage of the alternate grading opportunity.

For additional information, visit and scroll to the “Academic Recovery Alternate Grading Policy” section.