Gilmore and Williams to be crowned 8th Mister and 85th Miss SC State this Fall

Monday, May 3, 2021

ORANGEBURG, S.C. – South Carolina State University will crown its 8th Mister SC State, Jamie Gilmore Jr., and 85th Miss SC State, Richlyn Williams, in October.

As Mister and Miss SC State, Gilmore and Williams will act as role models on campus by encouraging their peers while also helping to increase enrollment at the university.

Mr. SC State Jamie Gilmore Jr.

Jamie Gilmore Jr. Gilmore, 20, is from Columbia, South Carolina and is a junior at SC State. As a broadcasting communications major, he plans to work in the entertainment industry by producing creative content for television.

I will begin to create films and television series while pursuing a career as a comedian. I will create and star on a talk show that focuses on current events and trending topics around the world. I plan to retire from the entertainment industry at 55 to return to SC State to establish a film program that includes the first comedy elective at an HBCU,” Gilmore said.

He has been a Silver Medallion Presidential Scholar all three years at SC State. Gilmore participates in numerous campus activities and is a part of several organizations on campus, including the Student Government Association (SGA), Bulldog News Now, Men Against Cancer and Safe Space. He was also elected Mister sophomore in 2019.

“During my reign as mister sophomore I saw so much I could contribute, so I made it my mission to contribute,” he said.

Gilmore shared what he wants to do for the university next semester and how he plans to use his platform as Mister SC State to help increase enrollment. His campaign platform, EXPLORE, stands for engagement, xenial, persistent, liaison, radiant and empowerment.

“My goals for next semester are to align myself with my platform, which is EXPLORE with Gilmore, get students more engaged, be hospitable to guests on campus, make sure the school is persistent with all its goals, be a liaison to other HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities), to be optimistic and lastly, to empower students to be themselves.”

Miss SC State Richlyn

Williams Williams, a native of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, also is a junior at SC State. She has a major in speech pathology with a minor in audiology and is the president for the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association (NSSLHA). Her career goal is to become a certified speech-language pathologist for the public school system to ensure success for future generations.

Richlyn Williams “When I was younger, I didn’t necessarily have that role model position of saying, ‘You can do anything you put your mind to.’ It was important for me to set that example, not only for kids in the Orangeburg community, but for kids back home in my Myrtle Beach community, as well,” Williams said.

She was crowned Miss South Carolina Plus America and Miss Plus America in 2018, and Miss Sophomore for SC State in 2019. Now that she will be crowned Miss SC State, she said, she has more of an obligation to be that role model she never had.

“I’m excited to become Miss SC State, at the same time, I’ve never felt so much adrenalin to accomplish something in my life -- just because I know the detrimental impact that we can have, but also the opportunity we have to make a difference, not only in the Orangeburg community and around our peers, but for the people back home,” Williams said.

Throughout her term as Miss SC State, Williams will be working with the Admissions office on campus to help increase enrollment.

“My goal for the next semester is to definitely increase enrollment, because I want SC State to be here for future generations. Also, (I want to) help the university gain back that notoriety that it had from previous years of being a premier HBCU by spotlighting all the premier programs that SC State University has to offer,” Williams said.

Williams is a three-time presidential scholar and a member of the National Society of Leadership Success. When she is not occupied with her activities on campus, she loves to sing, dance, read, paint and volunteer.

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