20 SC State Student-Athletes named Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholars

Saturday, April 28, 2007

ORANGEBURG—Twenty South Carolina State student-athletes have been selected as Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholars for 2007 by Diverse: Issues in Higher Education, formerly known as Black Issues in Higher Education.

Student-athletes earning the prestigious honor must be of color and exemplify the standards set by Ashe, the African-American tennis great and social activist who died in 1993. In addition to their athletic ability, students named Ashe Scholars must exhibit academic excellence as well as community activism.

Students were placed on teams ranging from first to fourth teams based on their fall semester GPA’s, their cumulative GPA’s, their athletic performances, as well as campus and community involvement.

SC State tied St. John’s of New York for the second-most students selected with twenty (20). New York University had 25 selections.

SCSU students named were women’s tennis players Gisel Brito, a senior Psychology major from Havana, Cuba with a 4.00 GPA, Mirian Cruz, a junior Business Management major from San Salvador, El Salvador with a 3.45 GPA and Marcelo Rodezno, a junior Business Management major from El Salvador with a 3.71 GPA; women’s basketball players Kristin Johnson, a sophomore Accounting Major from Stone Mountain, GA with a 3.40 GPA and Rasheeda Jones, a sophomore Criminal Justice major from Statesboro, GA with a 3.20 GPA; Women’s Bowling Latisha Jefferson, a senior Civil Engineering Tech major from Prince George, VA with a 3.30 GPA; women’s soccer players Kelsey Mimi, a sophomore Biology Major from Davenport, LA with a 3.85 GPA, and Tandia Taylor, a sophomore Civil Engineering major from St. James Trinidad with a 3.98 GPA.

Also, Stacey Jackson, a sophomore Psychology major from Ontario Canada with a 3.21 GPA; women’s track and field players Enchante Lawson, a sophomore mathematics major from Charlotte, NC with a 3.82 GPA, Renée McWilliams, a sophomore biology major from Kingston Jamaica with a 3.80 GPA, Jamia Foster, a junior Political Science/Pre-law major from Spartanburg, SC with a 3.38 GPA, Natalee Allen, a sophomore Nursing major from St. Petersburg, FL with a 3.46 GPA, Natalie Dixon, a junior accounting major from Trinidad with a 3.81 GPA and Shari Sampson, a sophomore Sports Communication Major from Trinidad with a 3.30 GPA; volleyball Samantha Clarke, a senior Political Science/Pre-Law major from Toronto Canada with a 3.41 GPA and Laura Waters-Brown a sophomore Gahanna, OH.

Male student-athletes earning the honor included men’s tennis stars Parantap Chaturvedi, a senior Accounting major from Rajastahan, India with a 3.90 GPA Football Aaron Haire, a sophomore Biology/Pre-med major from Orangeburg, SC with a 3.60 GPA; and track and field Randy Gooden, a senior Sports Communication major from St. James Jamaica with a 3.40 GPA.

Below is a full list of the players and their rankings:

Sport Player Ex. Fall ‘06 Cum. GPA Team

W. Basketball Kristin Johnson So. 3.80 3.40 Honorable Mention

W. Basketball Rasheeda Jones So. 2.80 3.20 Honorable Mention

W. Bowling Latisha Jefferson Sr. 3.01 3.30 1st Team

W. Soccer Kelsey Mimi So. 3.78 3.85 1st Team

W. Soccer Tandia Taylor So. 4.00 3.98 1st Team

W. Soccer Stacey Jackson So. 3.19 3.21 4th Team

W. Tennis Gisel Brito Sr. 4.00 4.00 1st Team

W. Tennis Marcela Rodezno Jr. 4.00 3.80 1st Team

W. Tennis Mirian Cruz Jr. 4.00 3.61 3rd Team

W. Track & Field Enchante Lawson So. 3.80 3.82 1st Team

W. Track & Field Renée McWilliams So. 4.00 3.80 1st Team

W. Track & Field Jamia Foster Jr. 3.80 3.38 3rd Team

W. Track & Field Natalee Allen So. 3.44 3.46 3rd Team

W. Track & Field Natalie Dixon Jr. 3.81 3.37 4th Team

W. Track & Field Shari Sampson So. 3.30 3.30 4th Team

Volleyball Samantha Clarke Sr. 3.60 3.41 2nd Team

Volleyball Laura Waters-Brown So. 3.00 3.30 3rd Team

Football Aaron Haire So. 4.00 3.60 2nd Team

M. Tennis Parantap Chaturvdi Sr. 4.00 3.90 1st Team

M. Track & Field Randy Gooden Sr. 3.40 3.40 2nd Team