Mandatory Health Insurance

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All students, undergraduate, graduate, professional (on/off campus or distance learning), taking six (6) or more hours are REQUIRED to have medical health coverage. If you have comparable, equal or better health insurance coverage through employment, your parents/guardian, or spouse then you may waive the Student Health Insurance Plan. Each semester, you must complete the insurance waive prior to the waive deadline at At the site enter SC State in the search window, and then select residency status as domestic or international and enter your student data and current insurance information as directed thereafter.

After you complete the waive process, print your confirmation page or copy your confirmation number and keep it for your records. This will serve as your ONLY receipt and proof that you are in compliance with the university requirement. There will be NO adjustments made after the waive deadline if you DO NOT have your confirmation page or number.

PLEASE NOTE: You will automatically be enrolled in the university student health insurance plan if you fail to appropriately waive coverage by the deadline.

Should there be any further questions; the staff at Brooks Health Center is available to answer questions regarding the waive or enrollment process at 803-536-7053/7055.