Call For Papers ~ 2nd Annual Hip-Hop Symposium

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hip-Hop has grown from its inner-city roots to appeal to a diverse and world-wide audience. This year, the staff of Miller F. Whittaker Library has selected as the theme “Black on Black Crime.” This time we are soliciting a call for art entries. We will be looking at the body of literature and research on black on black crime as a scholarly approach to providing information literacy in our university community. We want to engage our students and community persons to look at the problem of black on black crime, search for answers, discuss this issue and be able to write about it in a critical manner.

We are asking you to use your creativity to formulate your artwork that will be judged in competition for the best work of art. When we receive your artwork, it will be judged for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place categories based on the theme “Black on Black Crime.” The 1st place artwork will be made into a poster to promote the symposium. All art entries received will remain on exhibit through the end of February and can be picked up from the library on March 3, 2009 though March 13, 2009. All artwork left after March 13, 2009 will become the property of Miller F. Whittaker Library.

Please return the enclosed artist entry form by November 24, 2008. We anticipate another successful Hip-Hop Symposium 2009 and we hope you will be able to participate.

Artist's entry form is available for download here.

Thank you.