SC State’s “Marching 101 Band” named as a Conn- Selmer School

Thursday, July 9, 2009

SC State’s “Marching 101 Band” has recently been named as a Conn-Selmer School. The Conn-Selmer School program supports the short and long term growth of music performance and education, and increases the institution’s national and international profile as a music institution.

American MadeThrough this program, SC State is positioning itself to recruit more first-class students in order to obtain more grants, scholarships, and to secure a long-term point as a leader in music and music education.

The mission of the SC State Music program is to provide students with educational and performance experiences that cultivate creativity, develop performance proficiency and enhance scholarly potential in a multifaceted global society. The music faculty and administration are committed to educational excellence for all students and strive to effectively instill the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities for students to pursue graduate study, careers as creative artists, and teaching careers in elementary and secondary schools.

The instruments supplied by the Conn- Selmer program will be instruments from two categories, which are performance instruments, such as, saxophones and trumpets and method instruments, which are instruments that are used for students that are majoring in the field of music.

“The Conn –Selmer School program will improve the quality of music education by making it possible to have an instrument inventory of quality instruments available for use by students who study music at the university,” says Eddie Ellis, director of Bands at SC State. “The impact it will have on the students is very positive because it provides them with top of the line equipment as well as keeping them in the practice room working. Had it not been for the Conn-Selmer School program, we would have had to make purchases a little at a time until our needs were met,” he continued.

The objective of the Department of Music is to provide those music experiences whereby students will develop a high degree of musicianship as music educators, professional musicians, technologists, and knowledgeable consumers of music. “As a teacher I want my students to enjoy music as well as have the esthetic experiences a quality music program can provide. From an equipment side, this program makes it possible for my students to have the same musical instruments as larger universities where finances might not be as much of an issue,” Ellis concluded.

SC State’s Music program is nationally accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music (NASM).

For more information about the Conn-Selmer School program, visit the website at or visit SC State’s website at

Conn-Selmer, Inc., the largest manufacturer of band and orchestral instruments and accessories in the United States, is a subsidiary of Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc.