Message from the 2009-2010 SGA President~ Zachary Delano Middleton

Monday, October 5, 2009

Greetings South Carolina State University Family,

This year the student leaders on campus would like for you to embody our theme which is, “Believing in Greatness.” If you are one of our many faithful students, Believe that this will be your greatest academic year yet. If you are a member of our prestigious faculty, Believe in the greatness that you have the ability to inspire everyday in the classroom. If you are a member of our beloved staff Believe in the customer service promise of providing the students with the greatest experience that you can give them. Last but not least, Believe that Bulldog Pride is back and it is here to stay.

The purpose of this message is not to simply tell you to Believe, but to give you a reason to Believe. Enclosed are some of the major student driven initiatives for the upcoming year, a tentative calendar of events, and ways in which you can get involved.

The major SGA initiative is called “Character on Campus.”
 *Partnership with the City of Orangeburg and the Student Senate

  • Designed to promote students on campus who are exemplifying positive character.
  • Student drafted Code of Character.
  • Our student organization competitive grant program entitled the “Character Challenge.”
  • “The Bulldog of Character.”
  • Lastly, we will need your help in the final phase entitled “The Bulldog of Character.” We will need you to submit nominations of students who you feel represent the character trait of the month. The character trait for September is Trustworthy. Submit all Bulldog of Character recommendations to SGA Corresponding Secretary – Kirsten Nash:

This year the SGA started the “SGA Orangeburg Massacre Social Mobility Book Scholarship Fund.”

  • The Scholarship will honor each individual who was slain during the Orangeburg Massacre.
  • The money raised will used to assist students in the purchasing of textbooks.
  • So far we have raised $500; however we Believe we will achieve our goal of $10,000 by May 1st 2010.
  • We are asking each member of the faculty and staff to give $5 and for each student to give $2 to the cause.
  • For more information on how you can give to this worthy cause contact SGA Business Manager - Anthony Beckett Or bring your donation to the SGA office in the K.W. Green Student Center. You can also make a contribution by purchasing a “Believer” T-Shirt which will be available in the SC State Bookstore. Proceeds from shirts sales will go to this scholarship fund.

If a monetary donation is not feasible, we ask that you contribute to the “Independence Movement.”
*The Independence Movement is a partnership that was implemented by the SGA, the Alumni Association, the Business Department, and the President Office.

  • The purpose of the project is to improve the professional image of our students on campus.
  • We ask that you donate your (Males: Ties and Belts, Females: inexpensive accessories, jewelry, etc.) We aim to eliminate the obstacle that some students have in terms of being able to afford the necessary apparel needed for the corporate environment.

Our last major push is the SC State Bookclub
 * A partnership between SGA, the SC State Library and the SC State Bookstore.

  • The Bookclub is open faculty, staff, and students.
  • We will keep you posted on Book Review dates.
  • We encourage you to secure these titles today.  Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man- Steve Harvey, Gifted Hands- Ben Carson, Creating Success From the Inside Out- Ephren Taylor, Hope on a Tightrope - Dr. Cornell West, Not Easily Broken- TD Jakes, The Miseducation of the Negro – Carter G. Woodson

We also encourage you to look into our student initiatives. We structured the initiatives so that each one would directly correlate with your particular field of study, organizational theme, or personal mission. We are looking for partnerships, please email the contact person early if you are looking to collaborate.

The major student initiatives are:
Student Government Association
Initiative: Character on Campus
Description: Programs and promotional efforts designed to enrich character development on campus.
Contact Person: Kirsten Nash – SGA Corresponding Secretary
Email Address:  

The Royal Court (Miss SC State and Class Queens)
Initiative: The P.U.S.H. Initiative (People United to Save our Health)
Description: Numerous student organizations with an emphasis on health related issues united to raise awareness and funds throughout the school year.
Initiative Contact Person: Zuri Stackhouse – Miss SCSU
Email Address:

The Class of 2010
Initiative: Going Green
Description: The conservation of energy throughout the school through efforts aimed at n increased level of awareness of green related issues, and under graduate grant writing that focuses on “Going Green.”
Contact Person: Sophie Le- Senior Class President
Email Address:

The Class of 2011
Initiative: Health and Wellness
Description: Focuses on improving students by engaging them in various forms of exercise and showing them the results of maintaining a proper diet. Also focuses on the mental wellness aspect of a student during their matriculation process.                                                                                          
Contact Person: Donovan McDaniel – Junior Class President
Email Address:

The Class of 2012:
Initiative:  Campus Beautification
Description: Focuses on the general aesthetic value of the campus. It entails everything from a mural in the student center, (Which will be designed by the Art Club) to the Adopt-a-Hall trash pickup project. 
Contact Person: Eugenia Stanfield – Sophomore Class President
Email Address:

The Class of 2013
Initiative: Campus Pride
Description: Increasing the level of pride on campus, through efforts geared towards improving customer service, restoring the traditions of old, and reviving the system by allowing incoming students to give the school a fresh approach.
Contact Person: Codarrio Butler- Freshmen Class President