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The Admission and Monitoring Process-Stage One

The admission process to the College of Education, Humanities and Social Studies does not automatically admit students into the Department of Education. Students must complete a prescribed set of requirements, and then apply for admission to a Teacher Education Program.

Step One: Students must complete and document the following.

  • Completed application on file in the CARE Center (come to the CARE Center to begin the application process) 
  • Completed minimum of 45-60 credit hours to include 48 hours of the General Education Curriculum 
  • Pass each component of PRAXIS I Test (Reading, Writing, Mathematics) or exempted with 1100 on the reading and mathematics components on the SAT or 24 on the ACT
  • Earned a 2.75 cumulative grade point average
  • Completed a minimum of 45 hours in a practicum (Pre-STEP) 
  • Documented proof of acceptable medical health (Brooks Health Center will complete the medical form for a fee of $5.00 any day, except Thursday
  • Documented proof of acceptable Speech and Hearing Screening (The Speech and Hearing Clinic on Campus will administer the test free on Fridays
  • Submited two letters of recommendation (a major professor, and a general reference
  • Completed self-assessment of the Character Screening and Disposition Survey
  • Passed the English Proficiency Exam, enroll in ENGL 111  or exempted by passing the writing component of PRAXIS I
Step Two: Sit for the Writing and Interview Assessments

Step Three: Positive Evaluation or Remediation

Step Four: Files Transferred to the Office of Clinical Experiences and Evaluation